Whiskey Barrell wood chips

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by doc1453, Nov 11, 2014.

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    Had my dad over for the week. The plan was to smoke a pork butt last weekend (it came out perfect and 9 people devoured it). While he was out shopping, he decided to be a nice guy and pick up wood chips for me. Thanks Dad! He didn't know what to get so he basically got all of it. Good thing for me I can probably go 2 months without needing anymore.

    The one he brought home that I haven't seen yet was Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Oak wood chips. I took a whiff of it and WOW can you smell the bourbon. I know Oak is usually used on brisket. I'm sure it would be great.

    But, this whiskey flavor adds something totally different. Anyone know of something else that will work best with that? I have ribs and lean pork tenderloin on hand. If one of those work out best, awesome! If not, I'll gladly take a trip to the store. This is the most pungent smell I've had come from wood and I want to make sure I dominate it!
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    Doc , hello. I'm not a chip burner or even pellets (unless to cold smoke) and only have the advice of not wetting your chips . All you will get(for the most part) is white smoke.

    Heed the suggestions of some of our seasoned 'chipsters' .

    I would hate to see a good piece of Meat ruined because of Creosote. (that's bad smoke particulates)
  3. I actually just got some whiskey barrell chips via a friend. He got them from a local bar and they were still wet with the whiskey. I tried them on some smoked eggs and they came out really good.

    Only thing I have done so far with them but I am going to try them on some chicken...hopefully this weekend.

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