Which version of MES did I just buy?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by stiftw, Nov 1, 2015.

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    A bit confused, just picked up a MES 40'' 1200W after reading about them for quite a while.  It has the top vent on the left, so I thought it was a newer version, but I can't find it in the master lists, and a few searches don't seem to turn it up.  It also isn't on the Masterbuilt website (40'' black no window, which I prefer). 

    Model is listed as: 20076515

    Web link: http://www.lowes.com/pd_673792-58355-20076515___?productId=50408360&pl=1&Ntt=masterbuilt+smokers


    In the process of seasoning it right now, so I probably can't return it (though I bought the extended warranty).  Was doing some more reading to try and figure out the best placement for AMNPS and got really confused as to what generation I ended up with.  I don't care about BT (I have an iDevices system already) and the window will just get cruddy. 
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    It appears you have an upgraded version of a Generation 2.0 made for Lowes without the glass window door. The inside components are the same as the original 2.0 which had a glass window door. However this upgraded version has all parts being replaceable whereas on the the original 2.0, they weren't. The quality of this smoker is supposedly better than the original 2.0.,  so I have been told. 

    I think that your Smoker has a slanted drip plate inside that slants to the left with a small water pan on the left end of this plate. The best place for a AMNPS is to remove the water pan as you don't need it and place the AMNPS directly under this opening. You will need something to raise the AMNPS Maze off the floor an inch or two with a small wire rack or something similar so that air can get to the bottom of the Maze. 
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    I appreciate the insight.  Hopefully this will be a reliable unit, I guess I'll put it through the paces and report back.  I'll try that placement first, and potentially move to the mailbox mod if I have troubles.   I was really impressed with the quality feel and way it was packaged.  It really seems to be a high quality unit. 

    Here is the inside just to confirm: 

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    I have one of those, MasterBuilt said it was a 2.5, a friend who's opinions are very highly thought of laughed and called it a 2.0. Note the lower grease tray housing goes across the entire front of the unit.

    Mine is currently heating to 220 degrees when it says its 275 degrees, but the meat probe shows the exact same thing. But two Maverick's and a Trutell thermometer say different.

    Its my 4th replacement (the original and the first 3 were all Gen 1's), did I mention their CSR is great. They said if this one didn't work they would give me my money back and call it quits. Hey, after 5 units, I feel they have done their best.

    Bear's and Brian have both had excellent success with theirs, my MES30 I loved. I am just snake bit.
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    Interesting ... I noticed with my iDevices, that while the MBE was reading 30-40 degrees high; odd since the meat probe was reading about 25 degrees low.  Seems like their temperature probe is not very accurate.  Did they warranty replace yours for being off? 
  6. Hi, You can call the MB people they might be able to help. The bottom line is never rely on any Temp gauge or meat thermometer that is included with the smoker till you check it out with a known thermometer that you know is right. Then increase your box temps by that. You will have some over shooting of the set point either way. That is just the nature of the beast. Don't worry most meats don't care about that. Perhaps fish needs to be very accurate I would not know since I don't smoke it.  Jted
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    Ture, only issue would be trying to get hot enough for chicken, I like to get as close to 300 as I can; max setting is 275 on the unit, so it might be hard to hit the temps if it is 30 degrees low. 
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  8. You are right. I also like to get Chicken as hot as I can. I usually place mine on the second or top grate in the right hand corner since it is the hottest.   Jted
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    Gen 2.
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