Which ribs to smoke?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by diesellc197, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. New to the smoking thing and have smoked 2 racks of spare ribs. Both have come out quite good (I've used the 3-2-1 method), but while I fat is important, I was wondering if there is a better cut to use for smoking that might not be as fatty? Also, any tips on smoking beef ribs? I'm also trying to
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    You'll probably find more fat on Beef ribs than spares. Look for some Baby Backs if concerned with fat content. Spares will always have fat, just up to us to find some that look more meaty than others.
  3. Ahhhh. Gotcha. That raises another question that I could probably google, but since this is a bbq forum...and we're talking about ribs...what's the difference between baby backs, spares and St. Louis style ribs? I've read about people converting spares to another kind of rib. Is this some kind of breaking down or deconstruction?
  4. St. Louis are just trimmed spares. Baby backs are cut from the loin end, spares are cut from the belly.
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    A pig has a rib cage just like you and me. So think of your own rib cage. Feel where your ribs attach to your spine and the muscles that run along your spine on each side? Each side of your spine would be the baby back up to about where your side is. The butcher would cut the ribs at about whats your side, and the rest from there to your sternum is the "spare ribs". Trimming off the sternum (brisket bone) and trimming the rib ends and meat to appear squared would give you St Louis ribs.
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  7. I love eating beef ribs because I feel like a cave man with the giant bones. LOL
  8. I have smoked all three beef and pork but i like the Baby bcks the best , REASON

     NO NEED TO TRIM , pull the silver skin off and ready to marinate or rub "which ever you do"

    i do like the beef ribs and i think it has the best flavor but the ones around here dont have alot of meat on the bones and for my money i want to have some meat on the bones to eat !
  9. I may be off my rocker, but I have taken a liking for the beef ribs from Wal-Mart. I still prefer spares though. I trim them down onto St.Louis still, so my little Doberman helper and I can share the flap and tips.
  10. Your not crazy. I agree, they are pretty good and I can always find a rack that is really meaty. The best part is they are the cheapest place in my town for beef ribs.
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    Ain't nothing wrong with the Beefies. I prefer them too when I can find some good ones.

  12. [​IMG]Those look meaty!!!
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    Can I jump on this without hijacking it completely?  Why the difference in cooking methods for both Spare and baby back?  I mean 2-2-1 vs 3-2-1??
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    Spares are usually more meaty and thicker than Baby Backs, thus more time is usually needed.
  15. Awesome stuff guys :) appreciate all the responses. Rockin my 1st brisket today!

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