which propane smoker?

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by smokinbobo, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. smokinbobo

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    i'm looking to get a propane smoker and wanted to get everyones opinion. GOSM seems to be the more popular one. I'm looking for something with decent capasity since I can keep my small bullet for doing little stuff when i'm by myself. I see a lot of people with the GOSM BigBlock. Anyone know where to buy this thing? I cant find it anywhere. Some people said you can get it from the home depot website, but I cant get it to come up. Any other suggestions on propane smoker out there?[​IMG]
    I'd like to see it in a store if anyone knows where to get the BB in the lower hudson valley NY. thanks
  2. dirtman775

    dirtman775 Smoking Fanatic

    Bass pro shop's
  3. mofo

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  4. eagle

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    Take a look at the unit at Lowes I think it is Blue Flame model. Personally I think it is better constructed than the GOSM and less money.
  5. smokinbobo

    smokinbobo Fire Starter

    ok thanks eagle
  6. mofo

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    Lowes carries the Perfect Flame, I think it is called. It is not nearly as large as the GOSM Big Block. Probably would not take long before you were wishing you had a larger one...
    Size DOES matter!
  7. You can also check out www.cabelas.com/food.shtml for a smoker, they have a two door model that I've got and like it very much a little pricey but I got it as a gift last month.
  8. pi in sc

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    I have the Perfect Flame an like it a lot with no major complaints so far.... But MoFo is dead on... I wish mine was bigger. Though plenty big from a quantity stand-point, it is not wide enough to get a full rack in it. I have to cut the first three off.
  9. richp692

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    I? haven't been in one in a while, but have you tried Gander Mouintain? I know ther is one in Middletown and one in Kingston.
  10. smokingscooby

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    I have the small block GOSM and upgraded to the Big Block. I can almost fit what the smaller Gosm could, on one shelf in the Big Block. I found myself having to cut my racks of ribs in half to fit in the small one. For the extra $ I would get the BB. Instead of having to by another one down the line.

    just my .02
  11. old poi dog

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    I agree....if you can ......get the Big Block GOSM.
  12. I have a smoke hollow no.6 it has 4 racks and a sausage hanger I am pleased with it
  13. That probably depends on how many folks you're going to cook for.

    In my case, there's just the wife and me most of the time. Maybe, occasionally, 2 to 4 guests. And I don't have a freezer except for the one built into the freezer, so I'm not eager to have massive amounts of leftovers.

    I have the smaller GOSM and never filled it up. And if it did get crowded, a rib rack would solve the problem.

    But if you have a big family, plan to feed the whole neighborhood, or want to fill a freezer when you smoke . . . yeah, you want to the big one.

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