Which pellets to use in my amnps

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kirschman, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. Just got my amnps smoker tray for my 30 mes and was wondering whats the best deal as far as pellets go.  Seen these on amazon and appear to be the best seller    
  2. b-one

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    I'd get them from TJ! Not all pellets are created equal.
  3. tom 178

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  4. smokeymose

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    Got these @ Lowes.
    I know, it's a "blend", but it's not too strong, and I get about 2 1/2 hours smoke out of a 6" AMZN tube...
  5. bdskelly

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    In my humble opinion, Todds pellets burn cleaner. In addition he is a great supporter of this site, customer service goes beyond the call of duty .  He deserves the business. 
  6. muralboy

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    I use the Perfect Mix as my go-to, every day pellet.  Excellent product.  Great smoke profile.  Great quality product.  And I have a pellet smoker so I will burn through a 40# bag easily because I use it to fuel my cook.

    I would suggest A-Maze-N, not only because they are a great company (Todd's reputation on the forum is A-one), but they offer a wide variety of pellets/dust in smaller sized bags.  The pellets should give you a nice long smoke and being able to swap out your smoke profile depending on what your smoking is a great advantage.  
  7. fpmich

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    Get your pellets from Todd!

    Maybe a little more $ than some places, but I've had very good luck with them.  Plus if you have a question about them, you can always talk to Todd.  Try that with Internet sites or big box stores and see how accurate an answer you get.

    Todd cares.   Period!

    I have two local hardware's near me.  One is pure crap.  Un-trained people lacking in knowledge greatly, of even the smallest request, like where is "the such and such" located at.  Let alone any knowledge of various products and uses.

    The other hardware is above and beyond store.  Just like Todd is.  Yes, sometimes that hardware's prices are a "little" higher, but I would rather give my money to an earnest, hardworking, knowledgeable crew, and store owner, who makes sure his people is trained in ALL aspects of the business, including caring for the customer.

    “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin
  8. crazymoon

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    I  buy from Todd and have NO complaints !

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