Which Pellet Smoker to Buy??

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by kevinw, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. kevinw

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    I recently bought a GMG Jim Bowie and it had a broken weld so I got it replaced.  The second grill had too many spacers in one of its legs which made the whole unit rock.  GMG is sending me a new leg to fix the problem.

    While waiting for the leg to arrive, I went looking again at the Mak 2 Star General.  I'm considering taking back the GMG and dropping down the money for the Mak.  $2k difference, though.  I'm wondering if it's really worth it?  Is there a significant performance difference?  Longevity?

    Most of the time, I'm just smoking for a family of four.  Our house, though, hosts a lot of neighborhood parties so I'll need the room in the smoker.

    Thanks in advance for any advice offered!
  2. waterinholebrew

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    No experience with the Mak's though did research them when I was looking for my pellet grill. However IMHO as nice a unit as the Mak's are I just could not justify the extra $$ !! Just me though, I went with a GMG Daniel Boone and it's been a pleasure to use, kicks out some great Q ! Just my 2 cents !!
  3. I ended up getting a fast eddie PG500. I really wanted the Mak but couldn't justify the difference in price for me right now. One of my top priorities was something that could grill as good as smoke and it came down to the FE, MAK and Memphis. I was happy with the FE not having insulation, and the fully programmable controller for tge 1000+ in savings.

    I have seen the Mak in use and did plenty of research and have no doubt it is a well built unit that will last a long time. If someone would have given the extra dollars it would have been my choice.

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