Which paint please!

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by purdueboo, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. purdueboo

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    Bar b chef off set resto;
    Rustoleum, spray can
    #1) 2000 degree high temp engine paint, flat black
    #2) 1200 degree high temp BBQ black, satin finish
    #3) another recommendation?

    Vote fast! I wanna get cookin...
  2. #2 Works for me.  Do have to touch up the top of the firebox once a year or so.  I tried #1 also but personally I didn't like the flat look.  Needs a little more shine and it cleans up better.  Show us a pic of your rig,  Start cooking and don't forget the Qview.
  3. purdueboo

    purdueboo Newbie

  4. purdueboo

    purdueboo Newbie

    Thanks Weed, that's what I was worried about too! I like chef robs restoration, I have the exact same smoker, the local HD only had the flat 2000 degree high temp, but the more I looked at chef robs, the more concerned I became about the flat black. His appears to be the satin finish? The 1200 degree BBQ black is satin.

    Besides, 1200 ought to do it? 2000 is a bit toasty! I like bark but that's a bit excessive!
  5. ivanstein

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    Powder coat it! Heck yes! They have stuff that is like Jethot, but works. Different colors and all. Some of the engine guys have super slick coatings for oil shedding, might make cleanup easy. They also have stuff that coats exhaust and looks like chrome from 5ft. Oh yeah!
  6. purdueboo

    purdueboo Newbie

    Dang, good idea, but Rustoleum will have to do until the next resto! I posted some pics of before and after, take a look at my new thread!

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