which forum is my best choice?

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  1. I just started here yesterday. I have a ton of questions and haven't learned how to use the search yet. I mean I know how to search but am so dense I don't know what to search for.. 

    So this question just is, which of the several forums is my best choice for seeing others questions and answers and to put questions that are sure to be seen by the most members?
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    Welcome!  I would suggest smoking meats/general discussion
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    You can go to the Main Page to see what others are up to. For your questions, Search what you are looking for...How to Post Qview...Best Sausage Stuffer...Baked Beans...How long for a Pork Butt... ( Brand or style ) Smoker Modifications...And you will get 100's of old posts on the subject. If you still have a question or want to Post something you made or did, go to the appropriate Forum and hit, " Start an New Tread. " Fill in the Title and Body with the info or question. Give as much detail as possible. When in doubt, " Timing for Pork Ribs and Oysters together? " You can use the "General Discussion" Forum. Announcing the Birth of your First Child? Use " Blowing Smoke Around the Smoker " under Community from the drop down Forums Menu...JJ
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