Which electric burner/element setup.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by silverado2100, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. silverado2100

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    I picked up a double door SS fridge for free sold our old smokehouse (heat proofer with a Bradley smoke generator and Pid controller[​IMG]) and now am rigging it up i was looking at the allied kenko sales electric heating kit but drawing air from outside dosent seem efficient what elese would work for me.

    Ive looked at the finned heaters from grainger and am considering them also looked into dryer burners and oven burners

    The fridge is a about 6ft tall by 5ft wide by 2-3 ft deep

    what do you suggest?
  2. omahasmoker

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    i am using a 1250 watt 120v finned stainless strip heater form drillspot.com (cheaper than grainger) and it works great.

    allied kenco is awfully proud of some of their products.
  3. mulepackin

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    Lots of routes you can go. I am using a Brinkmann element for converting a charcoal ECB to an electric. Working great for my freezer conversion. If you have 220V avail. you could use oven elements. The finned heater strips seem to be popular as well, but I've not used them.
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    Looking for a similar item myself, I thought I saw somewhere here last week a thermostat controller for a range of 80-220 degrees. Maybe someone can refer or help find that item.

    I am looking for a thermostat to cover that range for various use ranging from jerky/dehydrating/smoking temp control of either 110 or 220----ideas?


  5. acs55812

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  6. beer-b-q

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    Is the interior of this metal or plastic? If it is plastic you will have a problem...
  7. omahasmoker

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    while the price is nice for a line voltage unit, that ranco only goes to 220 degrees. i dont know if that would be the best choice. i like to finish some meats at a higher temperature.
  8. silverado2100

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  9. silverado2100

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    Theres only a little 2.5 inch wide plastic trim around the door frames its allready pulled off and got some 3 in. aluminum flat bar on order to cover it.

    the rest of it is stainless
  10. silverado2100

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