Which casings for snack stix??

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by fire in the hole, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. I just realized I may not have the right casings for my snack stix. I have 19-21mm sheep casings and for some reason I am thinking folks use that man made casing. I think my casing will do. What do you think???
  2. biteme7951

    biteme7951 Meat Mopper

    Sheep casings are fine. Just be gentle with them as they are not as forgiving as collagen. just rinse them out real good.

  3. tjohnson

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    IMHO: Sheep Casings are a PITA!

    I used them once and had a terrible time

    You can use collagen casings for snack sticks.  They're much easier to work with, and a heck of a lot more forgiving than sheep casings

    I uses to get 19mm, but my last batch were 21mm.  A little easier to get on the small tube on my stuffer than the smaller 19mm casings.

  4. driedstick

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           X2    [​IMG]
  5. X3 on that one....I use the mahogany 19 mm collagen casings as well. I'm smoking a batch this weekend and will post some pics.....

  6. woodcutter

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    I like sheep casings for snack sticks and breakfast sausages. I like the texture and snap of them. If that is what you have, use them.
  7. shannon127

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    I like collagen casing for sticks.  much easier to work with.  Just by good quality ones, some of the cheaper ones blowout when they get moist.
  8. thoseguys26

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    I've never used sheep so I can't chip in on that but I've made snack sticks a handful of times and I've used 19 ml clear collagen. They're not the strongest things in the world but once you get used to them they work well.

    You can't really bend / stretch them like a natural casing because they'll tear on you pretty easy. Just know what length you want to smoke them at and then tie them off at that length or gently bend them.

    Here's some mule deer snack sticks I just made this weekend.

  9. chef jimmyj

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    These Sticks look great! Does Mule Deer taste that different from Whitetail?...JJ
  10. thoseguys26

    thoseguys26 Master of the Pit

    In this case, no (it was a bambi mule deer so it was actually sweet tasting) but all I can say is it really depends on the age of the animal and where it lives / what it eats. 

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