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    Hi folks

    I want to try making my own BBB and have been looking at the High Mountain cure to get started. I tried to order some today from Bass Pro as I needed to get a couple of other things and at 5.99 the price looked good. Well, guess what. Out of stock. Anyone know another good source? Or another ready made cure?
  2. Here's a wet brine from Pops6927



    You can also use Morton's Tender Quick or Pink Cure #1, but I've never used it for bacon curing. I did a search for Bacon Cure on the forum and found this for MTQ:


    Bacon slabs usually take at least 7 days using mortons. If you can...measure the slab and see how thick it is it would help you out. You need to cure the slab 7 days for each inch of thickness....so if your slab is over 1 inch, you need to cure it longer.

    For morton's, you use 1TBS of the cure for each pound of meat....rub over entire slab and shake off any access.

    After it has cured, make sure to soak and scrub off any access cure.

    Here's another:

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