Which A-maz-n product do I Need and what causes problems lighting?

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  1. Which product do I Need? Using a 36" Smoke Hollow Pro. Propane Smoker. Smoke normally no longer than 12 hours. Also read about trouble lighting and staying lite. How are folks messing up? Don't want to make the same mistake.
  2. c farmer

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    Being a propane smoker I would go with a tube smoker.

    Tubes don't have the problems staying lite like the trays do
  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Yep Todd recommends the tubes for propane smokers. I have all of them. I would buy the new expandable tube.

    You can use the tube in the propane smoker for cold or hot smokes up to a pit temp of 285. Above 285 and the pellets will ignite and burn not smolder.
  4. Can you just utilize the tube smoker and stop using the chip holder? I can only get billowing white smoke anyway.
  5. dirtsailor2003

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    Yes all you use is the tube.

  6. bbq king 1

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    I use the Smokin' Wedgie from Southernbbqsupply.com the Pellets don't fall out the ends and it can be put in a corner out if the way..I believe you can load it up with 2 LBS of Pellets at a time!
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    I gotta say, I have used foil snake, coffee can smokers, Masterbuilt Aux Cold Smoker, the 5x8 AMAZIN, and now the the new expandable oval. I love the expandable oval. It delivers the smoke! You'll have to regulate the vents you'll get some much. I current love mine! 

    That is what I recommend for your primary, and a tube or 5x8 tray for dust if you need to cold smoke.

    That is my opinion, suggestion. Great smoke, this is a yesterday photo.

    This is how it make 'em look

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  8. Thanks everyone, keep'em comin.

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