where to put AMNPS in smokehouse

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by unclejhim, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. unclejhim

    unclejhim Smoke Blower

    Hey Fellas. Long time reader need some advise.

    I've got a 5'x8' amnps ordered, I'm getting ready to build a wooden smoke house (cold smoking) and I'm not sure where I'm suppose to put the amnps. Smoke house will be aprox. 3'W.x 2 1/2' D x 5' H .I plan to use  to use electric heat. Does it go on the same level as heat source or do I put it on a shelve above or below heat source. If any of ya'll have  picture of your set up I'd like to see how you did it.

  2. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    You can put it in a mailbox outside the smoker.... that way it won't get dripped on by liquids and have a good air supply.....

  3. unclejhim

    unclejhim Smoke Blower

    That sounds like it just might work.

  4. hoity toit

    hoity toit Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    thats a darn good idea Dave.!

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