Where to get whole Pork Belly in OC

Discussion in 'So Cal Smokers' started by bolopwr, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. bolopwr

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    Hi Folks, 

    I have been trying to find whole pork belly so that I can try my hand at makin' bacon. I have tried a few of the local supermarkets without much luck. I am only able to find belly that is already cut and packaged. I saw that some of you are making some killer looking bacon[​IMG]  and would love to know where you go to get your belly from. I live in Anaheim (Disneyland)  and would be willing to drive, but the closer the better. 

    Thanks for the help

  2. fester

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    Check the asian markets they usuall have it.
  3. bolopwr

    bolopwr Fire Starter

    Another member recommended 99Ranch. I amgoing to check it out and report back what i find. Thanks
  4. My local "asian" market stocks various Snake River Farms cuts and they don't mind putting in an order for a full brisket when I want. 
  5. meatinc

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    If you don't mind traveling to North San Diego county, you can get them from T & H meats.

    Look for boutique meat markets like Lindy & Grundy too.
  6. bolopwr

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    Thanks for the reply's. I am going to head out this weekend and find one so that I can start the curing process and then smoke it over Thanksgiving weekend. I'll be sure to post where I found it. Thanks Again! 

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