Where to get raw mixed nuts to smoke...

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  1. Stores that carry them?? Online??

    I see them in small quantities and $$$ mostly, so where do you get 'em?

  2. Good question I have been wandering that myself. There has to be a wholesaler somewhere that would sell to us in bulk
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    I wondered through a local "natural" store here in town, don't remember the name. I was hoping to find a selection of meat and fish that might be different than the local grocery chains. All the meat was overpriced, but as I continued to look through the coolers, I stumbled upon a HUGE selection of nuts and seeds. I'd been looking at prices for raw nuts on Ebay, but was happily surprised at the prices here at the natural store.
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    natural store...huge selection...can't remember where...awesome
  5. Try NUTS.COM       I've not purchased from them but they have a huge selection.
  6. vivid

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    You'll want to try stores that sell everything in bulk.  Stores like Sams Club or GFS.  Typically they are much cheaper as well!
  7. I always used cooked nuts.

    Raw almonds are easily available at most food stores good luck.
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    Nuts.com is the place. Great people to buy from also. And the boxes they  ship in are keepers.
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    Sam's Club has raw almonds, frequently. The walnuts may also be raw.

    Tabbed in.

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