Where to get pellets(sacramento ca.)

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by graywolf1936, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Just came from Dee's Meats in Galt, Ca. picked up 4 bags of pellets. They have meats, smoking supplies  and such. Nice people to deal with .If your in the Sac area check them out.
  2. noboundaries

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    Wow, mentioning Dee's Meats brought back memories.  A former manager in my Sacramento office lived in the area, took orders for Dee's Meats for Thanksgiving, then delivered the smoked birds.  They were always absolutely delicious.  I brine my turkeys today a certain way due to the turkeys we used to get from Dee's Meats.   
  3. They have whole pig bellies for Bacon. I got some curing now but will get my next batch from them, and the price was right.
  4. nitis

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    Dees is top notch.  I had them make me some brats and pepper sticks from my elk and pronghorn from last fall excellent for sure!

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