Where to find Weber grills

Discussion in 'Grilling Tips' started by gt2003, May 2, 2008.

  1. gt2003

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    I thought my local Lowes was going to get in some of the different Weber grill models. I went and checked today, nothing. They did have the very, very lowest end model but nothing above that. Any ideas on where I might find them? I live in Oklahoma, near Tulsa. Please help. Thanks, Greg
  2. kratos

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    Unfortunately everything in stores is gas, gas, and more gas. You may have to try the internet for a large selection to pick from. I am from Philly and wanted a Weber as well, could not find one so decided to put the money out for the big Chargriller Pro w/ Side Firebox. Well worth the investment. Going on three years and the best grill I have ever used.

    Good luck on finding one.

    Also The Chargriller cooking surface is huge.
  3. funh2o

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    Greg, take a look at your local Ace Hardware Store. I see there are quite a few of them around the Tulsa Area. Looks like they have a pretty good supply of Weber Grills. If you can't find what you are looking for at one of them, ask the clerk to check with different stores until you find one.

    Hope this helps

    Happy Smokin

  4. funh2o

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  5. daddio

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    fun's got it right,around here ace hardware carries a good selection of webers both charcoal and gas models.
  6. grillboy823

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    Yeah, I think your best bet is to order one online. you can check out your different options at some Weber Charcoal Grills Review websites.
  7. mcp9

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    academy outdoors has an excellent selection along with great prices. u can normally get them assembled too.
  8. goobi99

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    are you looking for a grill or a smoker? if its a grill try home depot. they have them assembled (for a fee)and unassembled. Im guessing if you have lowes then you have a HD nearby
  9. walking dude

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    OR try a local sporting goods store

    and that bass store......DARN it.......bass pro shop?

    they have that kind of stuff
  10. lawdog

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    Gander mountain, Academy?????

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