Where to find a thermometer with a capillary

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  1. keny

    keny Fire Starter

    Hey guys-I would like to find a thermometer with a capillary to mount on my smoker, with the capillary bulb mounted right at the grate  but I can't seem to find anything except for industrial use. That would be fine except that they always want to sell about 500 at a time...I would just like to keep a closer eye on my grate temp, cuz my lid thermo. is sometimes 50-75* lower than at the grate...any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all for your time!
  2. daveomak

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    What's wrong with using a thermocouple therm ???  

  3. keny

    keny Fire Starter

    Nothing. Just looking for something that I can mount permanently. I don't care what kind it is.

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