Where to buy pellets? (Canada)

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    I am looking for various pellets for my new amnps (very happy about that). I live in Canada so would be interested in knowing where other Canadians are buying their accessories at reasonable prices from online retailers.
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  3. Re smoking pellets in Canada.
    In another thread I saw that Canadian tire had good hardwood pellets.
    Checking with them on line showed that they sell Canawick pellets. Pure hardwood. Made in New Brunswick.
    I verified this with the maker. Great.
    I went to the local store here on vancouver Island (courtenay).
    They sell only Clean Burn pellets from Seattle. A hand made sign beside them said hardwood.
    I checked the mfr.in Seattle and find the pellets are pure fir sawdust.
    Only believe you mother.
    Eastern stores may sell Canawick.
    Good luck

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