Where to Buy Chunks in SoCal

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  1. I have looked at Lowes and Home Depot, but all I can find is Hickory and Mesquite.  Is there a place in SoCal that I can buy Apple and Pecan Chucks locally??
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    I have the same problem but can find apple cherry maple and whisky oak Chips at Bass Pro and the super markets. Might try a Cabelas if you have one. Still ,looking for apple chunks myself, just might have to go online.
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    There is a Bull BBQ off the 15 near Winchester that has 6-8 different types of chunks - they are not cheap - also if you get into San Diego there is a BBQ galore in Clairmont Mesa that has lots of choices - If you are on the 5 North in Anaheim there is a BBQ Galore outlet just off the 5

    If you cant find them let me know and I will try to get you some of mine in the interim
  4. Thanks for the offer and info...  I am going to San Diego this weekend and will stop into BBQ Galore.  It looks like they have everything in 20lbs bags for $25.
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