Where in NC are you hailing from?

Discussion in 'North Carolina Members' started by solaryellow, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. In surf city myself. Love carolina bbq!
  2. wes w

    wes w Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    West Jefferson here.  About 20 miles northeast  of Boone.   Love the mountains.  Been here all my life.  
  3. Hey everyone. I'm brand new to smoking, atualling making my debut today. Did some tenderlions on my Masterbuilt Smokehouse.

    I'm from Mooreville and am looking forward learning from all.

  4. wes w

    wes w Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Welcome to SMF Ben.

    There is tons of info here!   I do most of my research in the search bar.  If I can't find what I'm looking for I ask.   Theres everyone from Chefs to people that have been smoking all there life.   There NOT a question they can't answer.

    I'm sure you've already heard it, but one more time.  We love pictures!

    Fire the smoker, sit back with a cold one, and enjoy the show!   :)

  5. hdflame

    hdflame Meat Mopper

    Welcome  to all of the new members! [​IMG]

    I'm in Sanford.
  6. hamey

    hamey Newbie

    Belmont,  NC- Happy New Year!! Butz r smokin!!
  7. Smokin' for years, new member here, great site.

    Gil in Mills River 
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  8. New member to the group and forum from Salisbury, NC. Loving the site so far. Truly a great wealth of knowledge. 

    To all of the Facebookers, be sure to like my page https://www.facebook.com/CaublesCustomFabricationLlc  and comment on some of the builds. I like getting feedback from fellow smokers.
  9. wes w

    wes w Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    The site is really cool Cauble.   Question.   Is it cheaper to custom build a smoker then to buy one?   I'd love to have a lang, but what  I want  is a little pricey.  

    Welcome to the forum.   There's not a question that can't be answered here.

  10. Wes, send me a PM and let me know exactly what you are looking for in a smoker. I can custom build just about anything you are looking for, and for a much better price.
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  11. Surf City NC here cooking pork shoulder and baby back ribs this weekend.
  12. In Grover here,in the process of building my 1st smoker an UDS

  13. gunny r

    gunny r Fire Starter

    I am in the booming metropolis of Stokesdale, NC.
  14. sdiver40

    sdiver40 Fire Starter

    Welcome to the board. Lots of great info here as well as folks.
  15. dblbogey

    dblbogey Fire Starter

    Just found the group! I'm here in Rockingham and I love this site! I've always enjoyed grilling and now I love to smoke!
  16. Hello from Winston-Salem, I hope all are well and got those grills fired up. [​IMG]
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  17. wes w

    wes w Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Good to have you all here.   Pull up a chair, have a beer and sit for a spell.    Lots  of good info here

  18. smokinclt

    smokinclt Meat Mopper

    Charlotte - Cotswold. Love it here!!
  19. Hey to all of my fellow NC smokers. I have just posted A thread in the general discussion forum requesting someone to cater/cook for my wedding rehearsal dinner in May. If any of you are local to Lake Norman/Mooresville and have an interest, please let me know. Thanks! Ben
  20. smokinclt

    smokinclt Meat Mopper

    DTS what are you looking to serve up and for how many people approximately?

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