Where does Pellet smoker go???

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by big iron, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. big iron

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    Hey folks,

    Getting ready to use the amnps for the first time in my MES 40.  Where does everyone put the tray???  The only place I can see is on the very bottom of the smoker to the left.  I know I have to pull out the chip tray a little bit and the chip loader for air.  Additionally, I know to make sure it's covered so it doesn't get any drippings on it.  Thanks!!
  2. I put mine on the bottom of the smoker on top of the rib rack that came with smoker. Take the chip try out pull out the chip loader about 2 inches and open the vent all the way, I have had good luck with the Amps
  3. smokingearl

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    If you have the new MES 40 2.5 with Bluetooth you you don't have to pull out the chip tray and loader. You can set the amps right on the bottom under the water pan next to the heat element and it won't get dripped on there.
  4. Im going to try that I bought a bag of BBQ competition pellets a mixture of hickory maple cherry but I don't get much of a smoky flavor with them, I'm going to try wood chips with the pellets i have the blue tooth 40"
  5. big iron

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    Thanks guys.  I put it on the bottom left of the smoker.  Ribs are in and I have a light smoke coming out of the vent.  I didn't pull the chip tray all the way out, but pulled it out quite a bit.  Also pulled the loader out about two inches.
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    Here is the start
  7. big iron

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    Turned at pretty well! Juicy, great bark, and the right temp. Smoked six hours though and I have almost no smoke ring! Any ideas why??
  8. bbqwillie

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    Yea it's an electric. You don't produce enough NO (nitric oxide) to generate a "smoke ring". You need combustion and oxygen to synthesize NO. You have heat but no combustion. The temperature you generate isn't high enough to synthesize enough NO to react with the myoglobin in the meat to generate the "smoke ring". You produce <2 ppm of NO while a charcoal pit will generate 100-200 ppm of NO.

    The "smoke ring" isn't formed by smoke. The "smoke ring" is really a chemical reaction of the myoglobin in the meat to NO.
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  9. big iron

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    That makes sense!  Thanks BBQWillie!

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