where do you put the AMNS in an MES?

Discussion in 'Info and Practices' started by steve roberts, Sep 25, 2016.

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    If you have meat on all 4 racks, where do you put the amns? I takeout the cylindrical chip loader to give it more air and open the vent 1/2 - 3/4 of the way. Then I place it on the bottom. Quite often I don't get enough smoke. When I only have meat on 3 racks, I use the bottom rack to place the amns on. Then it works fine. What do you suggest?
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    I think when the AMNPS is on the bottom wires to the left of the chip tray, it may not get all the oxygen it needs and pulling out the chip try an inch or 2 will allow for more air... 

    If you are in the mood to make some mods, here is what myself and others have done.... 

    Legs of some sort are a big deal.....  better air flow to the pellets...

    The tunnel on the ceiling moves the exhaust to the center of the smoker body

    to help eliminate hot spots in the smoker.....

    Where the elbow extends through the smoker body, you can add an extension

    to move the smoke to the center.....

    The holes in the door are for good air flow..   smoking meats and good flavor need good air flow..

    The upper hole prevents recirculation of the smoke, which has had the oxygen used up..

    How to connect the 3" ductwork to the Mailbox mod.....

  3. Lately, we've been selling a huge amount of Smokin Wedgies to people with MES Smokers to replace their trays. From their experience, you can put the Smokin Wedgie anywhere with the chip tube in or out and there isn't concern about the pellets going out. Best of all, no modification required.

    The Smokin Wedgie holds about the same amount of pellets as the Maze, but it only smokes for 2-4 hours. It basically slams the food with smoke.

    I'm working on a FAQ for this as well.



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