where do you order your spices and other ingredients?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fishcrazy, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. finding some of the things I need for rubs and brine in local stores is difficult. I've found several places online.

    what is your favorite place?

  2. mdboatbum

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    Check farmer's markets. I get most of mine at a weekly Amish Market. Prices aren't bad and they have had just about everything I've ever looked for. They have a dedicated stall for spices and flavorings.
  3. Restaurant depot or the grocery store
  4. I get all my spices and such at Bulk Barn and casings at the local TSC store.  Some not so standard spices , like curing salts and soy concentrate, i would order online, as these are not to be found around here.
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  5. Don't know if you have Sprout's Grocery where you are but they sell spices by the oz.  Good for a quick fix.

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  6. I ended up ordering from americanspice.com and conyeagerspice.com
    Found lots of cool things that I didn't even know existed. Got some ideas to try later.

    keep posting your favorite places it all good help.
    One thing I like is it was cheaper than driving to the store for me. With flat rate shipping it wasn't to bad. And I think the quality/freshness is better.

  7. waterinholebrew

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    If ya have a WinCo where ya live, they have a bulk section with spices. Just thought where ya live in WA I'd drop ya a line. Just for future reference if ya have one, worth a try.... WHB
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    Most everything I buy, which isn't too much, comes from either Butchers & Packers, and I have bought once from American Spice company. They have the fullest collection of spices I know of, but they are proud of what they have.

    My normal spices are McCormick. 40 years of consistent spices. Black Peppers and extracts from Watkins. Ask your grandma about Watkins black pepper, its still as good too! 
  9. looking around on my spice sage and I ended up ordering their Habernarow salt.


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