Where do you find sweet peppers

Discussion in 'Peppers' started by bobsim, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. bobsim

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    Hi Folks, I live in the south, but I do cross a bridge now and then. On recent trips to Richmond Va. I fell in love with the sidewalk hot dog vendors, more specifically the smell and taste of grilling onions and sweet peppers.
    Here in Florida we have LOTS of produce and I thought every kind of pepper out there. Wrong. No one carries sweet peppers. Some don't even know what I'm talking about.
    Is there a more specific name for them? any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. fired up

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    Are you talking about sweet banana peppers? They are available at any grocery store by the pickles.
  3. Up north we get them at costco in large plastic containers. The package says they come from Mexico. They look like jalapenos but are red and yellow and not hot at all.
  4. darrin

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    Costco has em.
  5. gnubee

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    Do you mean bell peppers?

    I have never seen sweet peppers in any store around here.
    I have heard bell peppers referred to as sweet peppers.

    I did grow some seeds the neighbour gave me, she said they were sweet peppers but they were hotter than the hubs of hell.
  6. eagle

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    What you are looking for are most commonly called Bell Peppers. (Green, Red, and Yellow) Check in the produce department.
  7. smoke freak

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    Any pepper that isnt hot is a sweet pepper. Its that simple.
  8. desertlites

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    i use them in my cheese steaks=in the pickle area-Mezzetta-sweet cherry peppers.
  9. pops6927

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    These are bell (sweet) peppers usually sliced and cooked up with onions:

    They're used on pizza, with Italian dishes, stuffed (stuffed peppers), sliced into salads, sliced w/onions and fried for sausages, diced on hot dogs, .... 1000 uses.
  10. eman

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    Down here a sweet pepper is a banana pepper.
    You can get them fresh or pickled.
  11. bobsim

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    Thanks folks, I will check out costco. I can say that the peppers I'm trying to find are not the red, green and yellow bells- I do cook with these peppers and the flavor is not hot but not the sweet flavor I'm trying to find.
    Desertlites, you nailed the application- Philly cheese steaks. I'll check the Mezzetta's out, never thought to look in the pickle section.
  12. The one I'm talking about look exactly like jalapenos. Couldn't find a picture but here's a link about some folks talking about them:


    If you go to costco the come in those veggie serving platters as well. I just got some the other day. The package says they are from Mexico.

  13. rivet

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    Hello there, and maybe I can help. There are a couple sweet peppers that you are referring to. The first is the "Sheepnosed Pimento". It's an heirloom plant, sometimes known as a "Cheese Pepper". I grow them every year and they are sweet, round, red (look like miniature Brandywine tomatoes) and are the perfect for frying up in a Philly Cheesesteak. They also grill up real nice. This year I'm going to try making ABT's outta them. We get our seed from Jung's. (www.jungseed dot com)

    The next type is a "Marconi Pepper". We plant the red type, they go from green to red just like a regular bell pepper, but they get real deep red when they are ripe. Perfect for salads, grilling and frying. A long tapering pepper, they are about 6 - 10 inches long when ready. Easy to grow and eat, they are a "sweet" as in "not hot" pepper. Another heirloom type from Italy, not as thick walled as a bell pepper. Much better tasting and very pretty. My wife and I planted them a few years back as a test and we will never go back to regular blocky bell peppers like you find at the grocer's. You can get the seeds at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds not far from here in Missouri. (www.rareseeds dot com)

    The third type you may be interested in and should find at any Publix in FL, is a "Cubanelle". A pale green, long thin walled sweet pepper great for salads. I have growna derivative of them called "Aruba Hybrid" that are fruity, sweet with a mild bite at the end if you leave them on the vine long enough. They are good fresh and work great as another Philly Cheesesteak pepper. Seeds also available this year at Jung's.

    Hope this helps, and good luck to you and your peppers. They are real easy to grow!
  14. bobsim

    bobsim Newbie

    This forum rules! My hat's off to y'all, Thanks very much!

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