Where can a guy buy a whole untrimmed brisket around Gettysburg, PA.?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by doyne, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. I have been searching high and low and I am not having any luck finding a good and not too expensive source for brisket in South Central PA.  I have been to WalMart, Sams, Costco, the local grocery stores and local meat markets (these guys are very expensive @ $6.49 per lb.).  They have all changed the way they have their briskets prepared.  Most are half briskets w/ the flats cut off and sold separately.

    Does any one have any suggestions?
  2. Do you have Smart and Final in PA? I get me full packers from them and they are good quality.

  3. Not that I am aware of.  
  4. Might be worth checking on. Do u have a local Butcher shop? Not a grocery store one but an actual butcher? They can cut anything u like.
  5. Yes I checked and we do not.  I have checked with the local butchers but they are way over priced.  $6.49 lb.  I can't afford that.  I may have to get a wholesale account to get what I need.  Sysco has a good deal on case price IBC.
  6. We have them in Walmart in the Reading PA area. Suprised the Walmarts near you don't carry.
  7. They only have the flats.  No whole untrimmed.
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    Know I'm a newbie here, but maybe you could talk to the manager of the meat department at Wal-Mart or some of the local grocery stores. 

    I've done this with other products that I knew other Wal-Marts carried and the managers were able to get them in for me.  

    Also, my father used to cook for the vets and church.  He called around the local stores (grocery including local owned small chains) and talked with the managers to all the meat departments.  Asked if he bought a "x" quantity of briskets if they could get them in for him and got a price quote.  Once he found a deal, he just used to call the same manager back and order more whenever they were doing a cook.

    Anyway, just a thought and hope it helps.

    Best of luck in your search!

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    Yup---Don't give up on WallyWorld. The last one my Son got from them was a packer, 16 pounds @ $2.19 a pound.

    And that's a good idea above. Have a talk with the Meat Dept manager, or at least one of the cutters.


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