When To Pull The Meat ???????

Discussion in 'Pork' started by big country, May 17, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys,
    As some of you know I will be doing a BBQ for my work on Friday. I have planned on cooking the pork butt on Thursday, refridgerate it on Thursday night, and then warm it back up in the smoker on Friday Morning. So here is my question, would you pull the pork on Thursday night and then wrap it in foil and re-heat on Friday? Or, would you leave the butts whole, then warm up on Friday, once they get to temp. then pull them? I plan on cooking the butts fully on Thursday. Thanks, Erik
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    Personally I would pull the meat and place it into a disposable aluminum roasting pan then foil it tight or cover tight with cellophane. Then just before I went to reheat it I would take the covering off mix in either some finishing sauce or apple juice then foil the top tight and put it in to reheat
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    You'll want to pull it immediately after resting, package it, chill and then reheat...otherwise the reheat time will be excessive and the meat could dry out after the second time in, and pulling it could be difficult at best.

    Be sure to use a drip pan if possible, and add the de-greased drippings to the PP and toss a bit before packaging to chill...this will keep it moist for reheat/plating, and serve as a finishing sauce, all-in-one.

  4. Thanks guys, I will do that.
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    I had a similiar situation a couple of weeks ago. I smoked a couple of butts and carried them with me on a golf trip for eating several days later.

    I smoked the meat all day Friday. Let it rest and pulled it Friday night. I put it in gallon ziplocs and made sure all they were sealed tight and all the air was out. I refrigerated the ziplocs Friday night, put them in an ice cooler for travel Sat-Sun and put it in the fridge when I arrived Sunday afternoon. Monday I took it out of the fridge about noon. At about 5pm I put transferred the meat into a large aluminum roasting pan, covered tightly in foil and heated it for about an hour at 350. I had a can of chicken stock in case it was dry, but it was just as moist as it was when I pulled it Friday night.

    All 15 of my golfing buddies raved about it and a couple of them from Memphis said it was the best they'd ever had.
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    Or what I also do is put them in vacuume seal bags and just throw the bags in boiling water to warm them up on the day you want to eat them. Works really good!
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    I think that you should pull it right after it has rested and cooled alittle bit then pull it. Then you can do like Jerry said and put it into a foil pan and re-heat it that way. Or you can do it rbrans.. way and vacuum sealer it and re-heat (the way I do) in a steamer pot so it will be really moist and then add your finishing sauce and serve it hot and delicious
  8. I'll echo what everyone else here has said. Pull it when its hot (after youve let it rest for an hour or so), and then just store it in zip lock bags or a tray in the fridge. A lot of people will say that it tastes better after sitting overnight.

    I did a shoulder for my office last fall and just warmed it in a crock pot the next morning with a little left over jus and vinegar baste. Turned out great.

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