When to add chips to my MES 3??

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  1. Looking forward to my first smoke on Christmas Eve, BABY BACKS !!  I read on many of the posts that the smoking system on the MES leaves a lot to be desired!  Whats the point in owning a smoker if it doesn't smoke??  It sounds like I'll want to add an A-maze-n smoker in the future.  How will I know when to add chips to the feeder after the initial cupfull??  If I purchase an A-maze-n smoker, should I get the tube or tray??  It's kind of shitty that I need to buy a smoker for my new smoker[​IMG]
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    When I used to use chips, I put them in every 20 minutes the first hr, then every 30 minutes the next hr and the following hr, depending what I was smoking and how long I intended to smoke. Nothing after 3 hrs. I sprayed ribs  with water and wrapped my ribs in foil after 3 hrs.
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    I add chips when the smoke comng out of the top vent starts to go out. Roughly every 30 minutes, or so. Not sure if that is the professionally approved way to do, but has worked for me both with my old MB propane smoker and my new MES 30.

    I just got the AMNPS, so in the future I shouldn't have to worry about getting smoke. Haven't used it yet, though. And if you buy, get the tray. And once you get the tray, then you may want to do the mailbox mod which I'm about to finish tomorrow, just in time for Christmas smokes.
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    Adding about 1/4 cup when the smoke goes away works well... The MES has to have the temp turned up before they smoke, then it can be turned back down...

    About the smoke situation in the MES.... No manufacturer makes a smoker that works perfect out of the box... they don't use them... they make them to sell to the public....

    Todd Johnson's AMNPS is the best thing to happen to smoking meats in an electric smoker... it works... then Pops came along and decided to add a mailbox to his smokehouse to get better, easier control of the AMNPS.... THAT was a big deal... Now most folks have added a MB to their smokers.... me included....

  5. Thanks guys thats the info I was looking for. 
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    Your top vent (or side vent if you have a first generation Gen 2) will tell you when to add chips. When you don't see smoke coming out of it you add more chips. Your MES should work fine with chips, it's just that chips are a PITA. That's why soon after I bought my MES 30 Gen 1 I bought an AMNPS and wood pellets from Todd and never looked back.

    Don't look at it as having to buy a smoker for your smoker. Just look at it as you're buying a better smoking accessory for your smoker![​IMG]
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    When smoking with chips, some people say they still have smoke coming out of their MES at 30-40 minutes, whereas they really have steam coming out and not smoke. The only exception to this would be if the MES wasn't hot enough when they put the chips in to make smoke. Then having heated up hot enough later, then yes they might have smoke coming out 30-40 minutes after adding chips, but they have steam coming out at 30-40 minutes and not smoke if the chips started smoking when they put them in. 
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  8. wow, I like that Idea. Do you have specs.  The only issue with the AMNPS is it is prone to go out:)  Make sure you check the FAQ's on Todd's site (amazenproducts.com) on some tips about using his product with the MES.  I am trying some new techniques this weekend to hopefully not have blow out of the smoke!

    BTW, you might also want to invest into a maverick ET732 to add additional Temp monitoring!  That is the other issue with the MES is the cabin temp is not always up to snuff!
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  9. My #3 is eating chips so fast I think I need a conveyor to feed it!!

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