When is free not worth it?

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  1. Just as I am about to purchase a new Old Country Wrangler, my in laws told me they have an old smoker they don't use anymore.  It is about 10-12 years old and the brand, I believe, is Red Stone (the Tractor Supply store model).  The main chamber as well as the smoker box has a bit of rust but seems to be fixable.  It's not very heavy as compared to higher quality units either.  It won't cost me anything other than getting it up to snuff and mods to help with heat retention and leaks.  We have access to a welder and cutting torch as well. The issue I have is deciding if even though the cost is next to nothing compared to the Wrangler, where would the tipping point be to just go ahead with a new purchase and nix the old unit?  I tried to post some pics but am having issues getting them from text message form to my email account.  We are headed out to their place in a couple of weeks and will have a better look at it then.  Thanks in advance for the help!
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    It is a tough call. Keeping he In-laws and the Mrs. happy, is a SIGNIFICANT consideration. There may be great value in taking the used one now and squirrel away the funds for a new one that will go on sale at the end of the season or around Christmas time. You get a Win Win and you may find you want something else, Lang, even more with the additional research and money savings time...JJ
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    Hell... I would fix up the old one and when you're ready for a new one, pay it forward!

    If you have you're heart set on buying the new one, take on the other as a fun project.

    The one I got from Chef Jimmy is sitting at my brothers for a winter restore, I didn't need a smoker since I got frank but did not want it to end up scrapped.

    Yes it needs a lot of work and will be done "no weld" style but I see the value as a smoker in what another may see as value as scrap.
  4. Well said SQWIB.  Ya gotta know the difference between junk and GOOD junk.  Grab that used smoker and RUN. [​IMG]   Keep Smokin!

  5. Thanks for the input! Cool thing is that even if I didn't wind up taking it, neither my wife or her parents would be offended. Very blessed in that in enjoy my in laws.
  6. While I'm thinking of it, what are some mods I will want to look at? Already thinking a fresh coat of paint, high heat sealer around the doors, making a coals box, new grates and a heat deflector. What are some other things I could do to aid in heat retention?
  7. Hello.  My Texas brother you have thought up all the things you need to do.  Get 'er done and show us some que.  If you run in to any probs you know we are here for ya.  Good Luck.  Keep Smokin!

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    I'm with Squib. Snag the old Pit ,do some Southern Ingenuity to repair it, and save-up for a quality unit.[​IMG]
  9. Free is always good. I can't wait to see the pics.

    Happy smoken.

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    Snag the old pit, play with it, score those brownie points and continue to add to your new pit fund. That way you can get a better pit when you decide to go that way, and you'll better appreciate it after using the old one. Thats win/win/win....

    Enjoy the smoke.
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    If you don't want to take it (as it may spoil your chances at getting what you want) then you gotta convince your MIL that they need to keep it.  Brine the heck out of a pork butt and smoke it while you are there.  Make it look real easy.

    If the food turns out good, and the process is easy, then your MIL will want to keep it and you're off the hook.

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