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  1. I am just wondering how many of you put a rub on a PB and let it sit over night before you put it in the smoker versus putting the rub on just before you put it in the smoker.  I have been doing it and letting it sit overnight and the rub always seems to melt and be a bit and become a little wet.  This just makes it a little harder to handle and I am wondering how much good it does.  Do you think that there is an advantage to letting it sit overnight? 

    Another thing that I have heard is that the ingredients in a rub are actually oil soluble and it is best to coat the PB with oil before applying the rub.  Most of you seem to be coating the meat with mustard.  Which do you use and why do you think that it is best?
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    I always rub my butts the night before, and let them sit in the fridge overnight.  This allows the meat to kinda "dry marinate" in the rub overnight, which I believe adds to the flavor of the finished product.  The next morning, while I'm getting the smoker ready and up to temp, I pull the butt out and let it rest until it approaches room temp.  Right before it goes into the smoker, it gets another dusting of rub.  It is true that you have to be a little careful handing the butt, but it makes for a great finished bark.

    edit:  I forgot to answer your mustard/oil question.  I personally don't use either, but many do.  As you have already learned, when the rubbed butt sits in the fridge overnight, the meat's natural moisture causes the rub to kind of caramelize.  Opinions vary...I suggest you try it both ways and see which works best for you.

    Good luck, and please remember, we love Qview!

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    I too rub the night before and Rub flavors are Both Water and Oil Soluble. Mustard is a good choice because it contains both water an a little bit of oil. Tests have shown that other than Beef that will be cooked Med/Rare, there is Zero advantage to warming meat to room temp and if you Inject anything, can be outright DANGEROUS as Bacteria can be pushed into the meat with each punch of the needle where it is all too happy to multiple at room temp and during the first 2-3 hours of the Smoke. This is one of those things that 99% of the time you will be fine but that 1% or if something goes wrong during the cook will Bite you in the Butt! Here is an Article that describes why Cold Meat gets better smoke...http://www.genuineideas.com/ArticlesIndex/smokeParticles.html...Sorry Red, I'm still a Fan though!...[​IMG]...JJ
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    I've done it both ways and can't really tell the difference. I don't use a binder any more either. I put the rub directly in the meat about an hour before it goes in and have had great results.
  5. s2k9k

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    I lean trim my butts so the rub can get on the meat and not sit on the fat that I'm going to throw away anyway. I will rinse it very well and pat dry with some paper towels and rub the night before, no binders here, then wrap in plastic and in the fridge. Then it's straight out of the fridge and on the rack, a light dusting of more rub and in the smoker.
    I never understood letting it sit out and come up to room temp. I've even seen people say they let it sit out for 2 hours because it makes it cook faster. I think it will cook faster in a 225* smoker than a 70* kitchen!
    And like JJ said, Safety First!!!
  6. I rub yellow mustard on then the rub the night before, sometimes two. The morning of the smoke, I inject with cold apple juice immediately into the cold butt that I take out. By the time the butt is injected the coals are ready for the butt. I put more rub on where some has fallen off then getter in the smoker and get to 140° within 4-hours. I cook my butts between 240°-250° especially the larger ones. It's important to always get to the temperature where the food born bacteria is killed, so not to get sick.[​IMG]
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    Alwsys rub the night before...I usef to use mustard but stopped. More flavor in the smoke ring! I don't do the "bring to room temp" it's pork for pete sake..don't we have enough bacteria to be worried about :) I have recently been doing shoulder instead of but..cheaper and just delicious
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    Heres my way but you have to try it yourself to see if its what you like, i don't trim a thing off my butts they are already as lean as they need be imho i just rub my meat with the rub and let it sit while waiting for the smoker to come up to temp then throw it on and let it go. I dont mess with anything then when its done i just remove the bone and chop it all up. Give it a try and see what you think.
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    OK, so if you apply the rub the night before. what about doing the injection the night before? If you've tried it, what are the effects?
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    You are absolutely right, JJ.  I stand corrected.  I misspoke.  I'll live with my error, but really only meant to say that I pull the butt out of the fridge for the few minutes it takes to get the smoker up to temp.  Mine are never really out of the fridge long enough to reach room temp.  [​IMG]   Don't know what I was thinkin'...

    Thanks for straightning me out.

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    LOL...No need to Straighten you out Bro. You are a talented and prolific member, with great contribution. I just want to make sure you and everybody else stays that way. I have had Food Poisining twice and it's no Joke...But it is a hell of a way to drop 30-40 pounds in a week...[​IMG]...JJ
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    IN ONE WEEK??!!  No, Thanks...I'm good.

    Sounds like a new fad crash diet plan to me for sure.  Surprised someone hasn't tried to sell the book rights....[​IMG]

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    I used to rub and wrap everything the night before. For the last year I've been rubbing right before I put the meat in the smoker. I honestly haven't been able to notice any real difference in the texture or flavor profile. I very rarely use a binder.

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