What's your occupation?

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  1. I'm retired U.S. Air Force Aircraft Electrician (20 years). Now I work at the B-52 depot at Tinker AFB, OK doing the same thing I did in the USAF, but for a little better pay. [​IMG]
  2. Tech for a major railroad
  3. jeff rod

    jeff rod Newbie

    I am a program manager for a defense contractor
  4. tsl3

    tsl3 Newbie

    Petroleum Geologist. It also helps to be Texan as well. It means I get plenty of practice.
  5. yeh but no furloughs in the USAF AD. lol. u in 2121?or whatever building that is..lol. im in 3001.
  6. ckool

    ckool Newbie

    Full time Network Technician ...... part  time backyard meat charrer...
  7. Journeyman Plumber in the fabulous state of Wisconsin
  8. Retired from AT&T.  Held many jobs.  operator, pbx installer, OPT, engineering assistant....Now I have my own (little) promotional items company. 
  9. stevester

    stevester Newbie

    Intellectual property attorney.
  10. Police Mechanic 20 yrs ,Yea I put in thoses uncomfortable back seats and all  those fancy lights
  11. computer security architect.
  12. Marketing, Web & Graphic Design for a commercial Audio Visual company in NJ.
  13. I worked as an electrician for 33 years, everything from residential to industrial, including 13 years as a lineman.  Worked pretty much everything from 4-24 milivolts to 500,000 AC.. Last 18 years as industrial supervisor.  I made a major career change about 3 1/2 years ago and am now an ICU RN.  Total change in direction!!!! Also probably one of few that took a major cut in pay to become a nurse.  Hopefully next hobby now that I'm getting the smoking meat going good is to start brewing my own beer!!!!

    Jay  [​IMG]
  14. gregleslie

    gregleslie Newbie

    Freelance video producer/editor. Also graphics and voiceover work. Mostly, I work out of the house, which is great for workday smoking!

    Just unpacked my "new" Gen#1 MES30 and bought a MESS o' meat at the PRIMAL SALE at the grocery store this morning.

    Saturday: jerky, Sunday: ribs -- can't wait!

    Greg in Broken Arrow, OK
  15. I went from brewing beer to BBQ. Brewing beer is loads of work, and loads of fun.
  16. Hey Grimm,

     I may be getting hold of you soon to pick your brain a little bit about brewing... I really want to give it a try, I love craft beers and import but, they are way expensive for the good ones so I don't get to drink them as often as I would like to.  I figure brewing my own would be the best way to take care of that.  I have found a close brewery that fills growlers and they make a really nice honey ale!!!! Would like to find a recipe for one. Might have to PM about this so as not to get in the way of all the good meat smoking info on here.

    Jay  [​IMG]
  17. Pray for me Fellas, im waiting to here back from the little rock fire département. Never thought i wanted to be à fireman now i want it more than ever.
  18. I am an architect
  19. woodwalker401

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    Power Lineman / Trouble Tech for 23 years here in central Florida [​IMG]
  20. I studied chemistry , went for my "tour of duty" , but after that started to drive trucks and got stucked in there...

    Some short brakes to try something different : dredging engineer , electrician...

    But returned to trucks anyway.

    But now since 2 years HAPPILY RETIRED and moved to the Land of Smiles : Thailand.

    Although sincere smiles are getting hard to find , to me it's still a great place to live.


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