What's your occupation?

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  1. forbey

    forbey Newbie

    College degree in Animal Industries (farm animals) specializing in equine science. Spent last two years of school working part time as the kill floor operator at a small town slaughterhouse.

    Currently working as an environmental protection specialist for the Illinois EPA (20 years).
  2. donttread

    donttread Fire Starter

    Professional military education instructor for the AF.
  3. good deal another Oklahoma smoker close by !!!!![​IMG]
  4. jg24

    jg24 Newbie

    My husband and I are retired.  We live in St. Joseph, La. most of the year as we run a small business called the Lake View.  We are always happy to fix meals for our guest.

    He is a great grill master and he has two nice smokers and two large BBQ pits.
  5. Fire fighter/paramedic. I work rotating shifts (4 on 4 off), so that first day off I am thinking of what to cook. If I am not at my part-time job as a paramedic on a transport ambulance, I am welding or thinking of what to cook.
  6. Neurosurgical Physician Assistant
  7. big red fred

    big red fred Newbie

    I work in a Titanium mill in the melt shop.
  8. I am an artist and a personal chef. [​IMG]  I just purchased an electric smoker, primarily to give my cooking clients 'something different' and unique - smoked meats, fish and sides.  My very first attempt was a pork loin roast....and I must say, it came out pretty good!  Looking forward to experimenting and learning more via this site/forum!
  9. Been in the car business for the last thirty plus years. 29 of those years as either the general sales manager or general manager. I retired for roughly two years then got bored and went back to where I started, selling! I love it, no more headaches of running a dealership.
  10. Been a Cop since October 1976
  11. walfu

    walfu Newbie

    I started in the restaurant business for many years.  I then made the unusual transition to being a Paramedic.  I was a Medic for almost 10 years.  The last 12+ years, I have been a Police Officer in an urban police department.  I have been a supervisor for over 3 years.  It's very interesting work and keeps you moving, especially in an urban environment.  I pays the bills.....
  12. Plastics engineer.
    I design bumpers
  13. I own a restoration company. We restore homes and commercial buildings after a flood or fire and have been in business since 1983 here in Southern California.
  14. dgilley

    dgilley Fire Starter

    Until recently I worked in Charleston SC in the defense (Military Armored Vehicle OEM) industry as a data export control administrator. Recent defunding of our military, and military support industry, have resulted in the loss of thousand of U.S. jobs.  I have recently moved to Richmond VA where I am employed with the VA Department of Social Services as a technical information analyst and document control coordinator. My hobbies are smoking/grilling food, working out, and golf.
  15. I am in the printing industry.

    I print newspapers.

    When I am caught up with that I run smaller presses where I print just about everything except money or postage stamps.

    I also do photo shop stuff for the paper and I design and build the pages for one of our papers that we print.

    I joking say that I am a barbecue guy who runs printing presses in his spare time. Silly joke I guess.

    As a hobby I write and record music in a little home studio in my house.
  16. I am a Chef.  Started cooking at age 14 when I first got into the business, went to culinary school and now work as a dietary director for a nursing home.
  17. Fire Investigator. Expert on smoke [​IMG]
  18. Been retired 2 years now but I retired as an Aerospace Supplier Quality Assurance manager.

    I miss it like a hole in my head.
  19. pnstenquist

    pnstenquist Newbie

    I'm a writer, producing copy for both advertising and editorial. I write on automotive topics for the New York Times, and spout off on energy topics for some utility company publications. Right now I'm scripting how-to videos for AutoZone and writing an 80th anniversary book for Nissan. I thought I was retired a few years ago after spending 25 years in ad agencies. Now I'm working every day, but I don't know what I would do otherwise. Going to put some chicken thighs in the smoker shortly!

  20. smokinwithg

    smokinwithg Newbie

    Operating Engineer (Asst. Chief) in Times Square NYC. Been here for 14yrs and 8yrs AD USAF Hon. Discharged before coming back to NYC area.

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