What's your occupation?

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  1. diesel mechanic for last 30 years
  2. Last 13 years landscape photographer. Before that, police sgt (retired 2000)
  3. Holy smokes! (no pun intended) this thread started in '07? lmao I'm a welder...and a horsemean. And a country boy...oh thats not an occupation is it..or is it?
  4. LE firearms instructor, armorer, expert witness - ballistics.
  5. pintocrazy

    pintocrazy Smoke Blower

    i cook for a living :)
  6. Engineer - I build and install automation and specialize in machine vision systems
  7. Never saw this thread before. I own a company that makes auxiliary wing tip fuel tanks for a wide variety of Cessna aircraft.
  8. Good Afternoon,

    RetRat really doen't do anything of redeeming value, by design. Retired for 5 years, rec'd a outdoor gourmet smoker for Father's Day and needed some advice on how to get started. Years ago I had a charcoal wood fed device and lost patience with having to attend to it like a new baby and sold it at garage sale.

    Got the electric version and to date have done chicken and pork ribs. As you know and have figured out, work in process. But will keep on pluggin away, new dimension to outdoor cookin.

    My hobbies are shooting and reloads, gardening, and my newest endeavor is my 12wk old granddaughter, apple of my eye and love the crap out of her.

    Look forward to your expert advice on how to smoke (by the way enjoy a good stogey and bourbon daily - hobby??) like an expert.


  9. jrdr653

    jrdr653 Newbie

    I am a construction inspector for a school district and enjoy camping on the weekends..
  10. i am a industrial elect. been at the same plywood plant on night shift for 9 years now. getting the itch for something new though. 6pm - 8am shifts are getting kind of old now. plus its hard to spend time with my daughters and wife with those hours. thinking of going into becoming a oil rig elect. heard the pay was decent but hard to get on out there.
  11. IT for the last few years. Before that was a live sound engineer.:D

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  12. Equipment operator
  13. stripernut

    stripernut Fire Starter

    Professor  of Soil and Environmental Science
  14. I'm a telecomm tech in ibew in Boston, Ma for 9 yrs and 20 yrs over all.
  15. smokinfitter

    smokinfitter Newbie

    Journeyman Union Pipefitter/Welder work on refineries, powerplants, and chip plants.
  16. I'm a full time student. I'm studying respiratory therapy and will be graduating in 10 months.
  17. Pool guy to the broke and unknown Las Vegas nv
  18. matt22556

    matt22556 Fire Starter

    6 years in the US Airforce as a Combat Controler, then started a successful Real Estate company, and in the past two years I've started an Appraisal Company.
  19. av8tor

    av8tor Meat Mopper

    Engineer for Nike Golf in Long Term Research. 
  20. phil129

    phil129 Fire Starter

    FIrefighter for BCFD in Albuquerque NM

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