What's your occupation?

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  1. Retired natural gas Technician with over 40 years in the NG industry. Retired as district supervisor supervising techs in an 11 parish district. Retired again after 7 years in the management office of a large automotive group. When your blood pressure starts to catch up with your pay check it's time to get out.
  2. U. S. Navy Nurse stationed at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA, I am the Clinic Manager of the Dental and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic.
  3. bkleinsmid

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    Self employed jeweler and hand engraver.
  4. Johnny thank you for your service!!!
  5. I sell beer! I manage a beer bar that carries over 1200 different craft beers. Not to mention awesome hot dogs and lots of other great bar food. www.ds6pax.com
  6. crvtt

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    Cool shop blowfish, fellow Pittsburgher here.
  7. russg

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    Network Operations and Security Director at a local college.
  8. I'm a field chemist for an environmental company out of Pittsburg pa. I work and live in South Carolina. I also travel all over the southeast to do my job as well but mostly in North and South Carolina. We manage hazardous and non hazardous wastes generated by manufacturing processes. I have been with American Environmental services for the last 10 years and I plan to retire here.
  9. smokinclt

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    Systems Engineer for EMC. Love what i do and have a blast doing it! 

  10. jimmybh

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    Plywood manufacuring 27 years, gopher for water and sewer construction company 3 years, check printing for 10 years. Presently retired and a granddad to 22 wee ones. Am also organizing my 20ft x 16ft covered deck and am planning to add a quality smoker to my outdoor kitchen.
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  11. I was a machinist (did that for about 3 years post vocational school...got bored).

    Built tract-homes and semi-custom homes while in school...hated it!

    Was a Sprinkler Fitter/Designer/Salesman for a large (the largest) fire protection company in the world...got into sales and now...

    I've been a real estate agent for the past 12 years and have owned my own brokerage for the past 10 years. At 34 I decided I wanted to be a firefighter and went back too school, got all my EMT/Firefighter certifications. Worked as a volunteer/part-timer at one fire department and part time at another department (best job ever). Decided to get my RN certificate/degree and now work as a tech at a local urgent care.

    I enjoy sales, but when the sales get lean you better have a plan B!?!

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    Route Salesman for Sara Lee Bakeries......All I do is watch sports, cook and crossfit stuff.....im training for a tough mudder competition in september
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    Do you "Hot" smoke or "Cold" smoke, I have a fantastic recipe for  "Cold" Smoked salmon - Make up a brine of 1 cup of fine salt (Non -Iodine if possible) 1 cup of sugar (dissolve in 1 pint of boiling water) when dissolved pour into a Full size S/S Gastronome, add 3 pints of Cold water, 3 Table/serving spoons of Lemon Juice,  3 Table/serving spoons of  Lee & Perren's Worcestershire Sauce and 3 Table/ serving spoons of Soy Sauce.Allow to Cool, when cold Put in Your DE-pinned / DE- boned sides of salmon and leave in the brine mix for one hour, Remove fish from the brine, dry (I pat dry with  clean roll) and refrigerate for one hour, Cold smoke in Oak for 3-5 days depending on the depth of flavor of smoke you require! When done remove from Smoker and wrap in Cling film and refrigerate for 24 hours (This is most important as it allows the flavor to completely permeate through the product) Slice thinly and enjoy! Good Luck.
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    Semi-retired custom home builder. Still do a few odd jobs around the area-mostly for friends. Years ago I would often reply to articles to the editor in our local newspaper. After awhile they asked me to do a bi-monthly column. No pay. Eventually I decided to try my own little rag - a monthly - but with one stipulation: I accept ads from local, private, independent businesses only. Still goin' after 12+ years. Totally off-the-wall c**p. Whatever comes to mind, I convolute it. No swear words but some mild sexual innuendo. People e-mail crazy pictures and ask me to write humorous stories about them. Keeps me off the streets, ya know. Bits and quips on facebook, too. The Wasted Woody Gazette. If you decide to friend me there, please note you read about me on Smoking-Meat.com. That way I'll accept your invitation. It's all about networkin'. Thank you.
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    I've been a member of this forum for nearly two years, started over 50+ threads (mostly in the Sausage section) & blabbed on in over 500 postings, yet somehow I missed this thread...[​IMG]

    I help pastor a fairly large church—as well as provide the graphics & media support. We not a 'mega-church' —but we get about 1200-1500 a weekend with a staff of about 40.

    One of the great Men's ministry events planned for the summer is a "HomeMade Sausage How-To" fair—which we hope to get about 100 guys interested in participating. Some of the guys have some really 'state-of-the art' smokers for us to use, so it should be a fun time. [​IMG]

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    [​IMG]   Sounds GREAT!
  17. smokeusum

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    Doug, are you in Charlotte, NC? I'm in Mint Hill but work uptown

    I spend my days geeking out running land title records! I am a title abstractor! I love what I do!!!
  18. pbone

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    I am a electrical worker by trade! I hunt and somtimes fish, but generally spend my free time with my wife,son and the fire department!
  19. tomolu5

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    Much like pbone here^^^ im a fellow spark. My free time is either spent with my wife, remodeling houses, wrenching and riding just about anything I can get hurt on! Pretty devoted deer hunter too!

    Many thanks Jeff

  20. pgsmoker64

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    By trade I spent several years as an HVAC Mechanic, then a Reliability Technician.  After all that I became a maintenance manager, then stores manager, and a warehouse manager - in between all that I got a degree in Business Management.  I just recently landed my dream job - Principal Engineer supporting SAP Plant Maintenance all over North and South America for a pharmceutical company.  Love my new job!


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