What's your occupation?

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  1. Fusionpuddle student welder have a sugar momma pay back gonna b a bitch when I get out of school
  2. I got my welding training courtesy of our Air Force. Room and board included at no extra charge.
  3. jimdepo

    jimdepo Fire Starter

    Firefighter for 30+ years in the Boston area. Now living in Melbourne area of Florida.One of my hobbies is buying green coffee beans from all over the world and roasting them at home in my SR500 coffee roaster. Believe me when I tell ya,nuttin like fresh ground roasted coffee in the mornin. I will still keep that hobby and start smokin some briskets and the such.Should be getting my Big Chief smoker in a couple of days. Catcha all later.
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  4. kweekley

    kweekley Newbie

    Work in the Toyota Racing Display at NASCAR and NHRA races
  5. twigertwig

    twigertwig Fire Starter

    I'm a shoe lace retipper. I know you all have shoe laces with the tips peelling back, I'm your man for the job. Kidding though, Manufacturing Supervisor for a printing company. Been there 16 years.
  6. Im a welder/fabricater.own my own shop we build anything from choppers to smokers. GTMetals .net
  7. I own Audio 2000 & Wyko Woodworking. We specialize in high end car audio & fine woodworking. Here are a few samples of our work, please enjoy.

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  8. Retired from law enforcement, now full time working for a defense contractor
  9. shooting4fun

    shooting4fun Newbie

    I work for Frito Lay.  I am a receiver on third shift and have been there for 16 years.  Five previous years before that in Eagle Snacks in the same building.
  10. scooby

    scooby Fire Starter

    Where can I learn about the coffee roasting ? Been wanting to try that. Any good ideas on where to get the beans? How about modestly priced equipment ?
  11. Hey guys I'm having problems signing in properly. Don't know why. However I'm a retired NJ Stste Corrections Officer. I own a boat and love to salt water fish as well as BBQ.
  12. Hey guys I'm having problems signing in properly. Don't know why. However I'm a retired NJ Stste Corrections Officer. I own a boat and love to salt water fish as well as BBQ.
  13. jimdepo

    jimdepo Fire Starter

    Hi Scooby, try going to Sweet Marias Coffee to their forums. Also The Captains coffee. Good luck
  14. djhintz

    djhintz Newbie

    I am an engineering teacher, was a head college football coach until November when I retired and started smoking.....good substitute
  15. dblbogey

    dblbogey Fire Starter

    Well. let's see...today is Thursday so I'm a real estate appraiser. On Sundays & Wednesdays I'm a pastor and on Friday nights during football season I am the play by play announcer at a local radio station. Seems like with all that talent I could find a real job![​IMG]
  16. meangene20

    meangene20 Newbie

    I have been working as a chemical processor the last five years. The rotating shifts do not leave as much time as I would like for smoking. Also I have been spending countless hours building a food/catering truck.
  17. walnuts

    walnuts Newbie

    Smoking is a great hobby for someone who is disabled, I have MS and can only walk a few yards at a time, I've built two Cold smokers , one for fish, salmon, haddock, trout and Cod as well as prawns. One for meats and anything else, cheese especially. I havn't tried "Hot smoking " yat but that is my next project.
  18. Break press operator in a bending and rolling shop. We don't do a lot of true fab work, we just bend and roll for others. Also a good place to get smoker parts cheap![​IMG]
  19. keninnavarre

    keninnavarre Newbie

    I was an auto tech for over 20 years til my body started wearing out. I joined my wife in her real estate business a few years back. I enjoy being self employed. I get to pick which 70 hours I'm going to work a week, lol.
  20. Airline pilot by day.

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