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  1. Nuclear Criticality Safety Specialist for the Department of Energy.  Thin blue smoke, good, blue flash of light, veryyy bad. 
  2. Network / Network Monitoring Tools Administrator for a major credit card company.  Been here for for almost 8 yrs.

    When I started with the company,  we were in a small office that had a gas grill and a smoker outside.  No one understood the smoker so they just used it as a charcoal grill.  I came in and with my basic knowledge started using the smoker.  I then became the go to guy for any type of BBQ event at the office for the employees (anything corporate controlled was catered).  We were bought out and forced to move to the mother ship office.  Once there, they said no more as it would take away revenue from the in house cafeteria.
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  3. Not jaded; realistic.  I've met a few wrongly convicted who were freed due to the efforts of The Innocence Initiative (and the accused's innocence), and forensics frequently plays a large role in the accused's wrongful conviction.  That being said, forensics also plays a huge role in vindicating the wrongfully accused.  Hopefully those who abuse their position are exceptions rather than the rule; however, I'm glad you have clear eyes about the issue, Scooby.  Bravo!
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    On a monthly basis you see where people were in prison or even death row because of shoddy work and it makes me ill.  I said to some of my coworkers that forensics needs to be independent and free from police interference and that caused a MAJOR uproar because they don't think there is a problem with conflict of interest.  How someone who works in this field can say that is beyond me because there are clearly some issues.  At the very least we should be supervised by an independent scientist.  I get called a Liberal for saying that.
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  5. Why is it that liberals are given a monopoly on compassion?  By identifying it as an issue exclusive to one school of thought (liberalism) conservatives throw the baby out with the bathwater, i.e. they create the impression that they are incapable of compassion.  Though some (obviously) may politicize it, it's not a political issue.  At the age of 19 James Bain was wrongfully convicted of rape and kidnapping.  He was incarcerated for 35 years (until 2009) at which point he was exonerated (DNA didn't match).  He spent 35 years in prison for something he didn't do!!!  How many of your co-workers could look that man in the eye and tell him that the mistakes they make (deliberate or not) in their attempt to catch the bad guy are worth nullifying (for all intents and purposes) his entire existence?  Mistakes are made; no judicial system is exempt from that rule.  However, that doesn't mean that we should become lackadaisical and/or jaded in our pursuit of justice. "It is better and more satisfactory to acquit a thousand guilty persons than to put a single innocent one to death." -- Maimonides.  It doesn't take a liberal to acknowledge that spending your life in prison for something you didn't do would be a torture of the worst kind.  Why shouldn't those who enforce our laws regard it as such? Again I say, Bravo Scooby.

    To the rest, my apologies for standing on my virtual soapbox.  Consider it my pledge to defend you today so that you can smoke meat tomorrow!
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    OK guys, let's get this thread back on track, it's about stating your occupation so lets stop the rants and we really don't need any political conversations going on here.

    Thank You for understanding!
  7. My story sounds so boring...  I'm an accountant.  CPA, actually.

    But really - official title is Corporate Accounting Manager at a large dealership here in Madison, WI.  I also prepare personal and small business taxes on the side.  Getting ready to start the season again! 
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    After 35 years in law enforcement (Sheriff's Lieutenant), I'm now retired.

    And looking for a new job to keep from going broke getting my last kid through college.....   1 more year to go!
  9. All these dynamic people with awesome jobs..........Can I go back and change my supermarket job to something more cool? How about non-native wildlife sniper.
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    Emergency Department trauma nurse, 12 years.
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    I don't think anyone is trying to get "all political up in here", just conversing on the board.  Isn't that what some of these boards are for?  If there isn't a section already for "Off Topic"  can there be one set up?  I think it would add to the enjoyment of the forums for folks to be able to discuss something different every once in a while.  Of course, proper decorum would have to be maintained lest ye be banned from the kingdom.  Just one guy's thoughts.  Thanks for the space.
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    Road construction.Asphalt is the main course,residential mostly,but some commercial..And then anything I can do with our heavy equipment,(family operation)..Have a few cows on a small farm...I work super hard thru the summer and hunt thru the winter.
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  15. Well aren't we a diverse group!
    I have been with the Sheriff's Office for the last 15 years. For the last 10, I have been processing and analyzing crime scene fingerprints.
  16. I work at a factory that makes chocolates and for a fun job I play bass guitar and sing with a band called Kansas Drifters.
  17. Here a computer scientist that loves programming but always ends up managing other people that get to do just that...:biggrin:
  18. I do technical support for a tiny software company.  I don't do any programming myself but I help customers unbreak their systems and databases.  I work from home, so I've been wanting to start smoking meats for a LONG time since I'm already home, and keeping an eye on the roast/ribs/sausages/etc is no big deal.
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    I have worked for Whirlpool Corporation at the Tulsa Division for just over 16 years now. Started while I was still wet behind the ears just out of high school.
  20. I worked as a journeyman electrician for Caterpillar Tractor Co. for 35 years. I retired from there at 53 years old and now work for the University of Illinois as a Physical Plant Engineer.

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