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    This is a fascinating thread , brother. Don't worry!
    , I've worked at the same place almost 40 years now. I work for a municipally owned power company ( fairly common in New England ) I spent some years as a meter reader,then a couple years as a sub station operator , then transferred to an underground cable splicers position. I was what the overhead guys called a" sewer lineman" because of all the time we spent in manholes , but I was cross trained as a bucket lineman too. After 20 years of that , I retired from high voltage work , but my company hired me back for 3 days a week driving truck , delivering stock to job sites and my most important function....cooking for the guys during hurricanes and snowstorms. So I get to stay inside where it's warm and dry and cook hot food for my lineman brothers who are braving the elements. Good duty !
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    Machinist / tool&die maker
  3. I am a CEO at a commercial facility maintenance company - Arkansas Building Services . I have been interested in smoking and bbq for a while and a customer gave me some tips and I decided to jump into it .
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    For the past 12 years, I've been working in the IT department for our local courts.
  5. After discharge from the military I have worked at 3 different Wholesale Pharmaceutical Distributon companies. I spent the majority of my 29 years as the Operation Manager at each facility. Finally the last company buyout did not hire any of the existing employees. I started my own business 12 years ago as a home inspector. I am officially retired and only do an occasional inspection to purchase BBQ supplies and equipment. I built my own UDS and I can't figure out how I ever lived without one. It is the best way to cook everything.
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  6. I am a college president. Been doing this for 20 years and I am not sure I know how to do anything else after this long!
  7. Retired U. S. Air Force officer.  Spent some time working for an airline association then as a real estate broker.  Now just enjoying being retired with time to try my hand at smoking some meat.
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    United States Air Force. Currently working in the 554 REDHORSE unit. Were a heavy construction unit. As of right now were building the largest Air Force training site and were building it in Guam.  
  9. Ex-Air Force guy who now works for the Army, in Warren MI.  I manage the safety program for TARDEC, the US Army's premier Tank and Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center.  I have worked here for about 4 years now.
  10. For the last 33 years I have repaired houses for a living. Before that I was a welder, machinist, radio repairman, ballistics research technician, and construction equipment mechanic. I have worked in retail meat cutting.
  11. Grocery wholesale industry where I am a buyer
  12. Lawyer, in 6 months.
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    Crime Scene Investigator
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    work for lennox industries in iowa, makes [email protected] central air conditioners. just retired from the volunteer fire department but still on ambulance squad.
  15. I work in automotive repairs and restoration. I've had the pleasure of working on classic mustangs and camaros all the way to Ferraris I do enjoy my job!
    These two are my own and what I play with when I'm not cooking. In fact the red ford is my daily driver!
  16. Very interesting thread here...

    I am a warehouse shipper for an aerospace company. We manufacture composites for military and commercial aircrafts.
  17. How did you get into that? May seem slightly weird but that is my dream job! I've taken a few forensic science classes for it, but due to certain issues that arose around that time I never finished going forth with anymore education on this subject. Currently looking to get into this field again and I am sticking with it no matter what. Any tips on how to get started? I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    I started in police work 17 years ago this month.  Been with the sheriff's office for 6 and a CSI for 3.  I was a Field Training Officer for new recruits when I was on patrol and the posting came up for Crime Scene Unit so I took the test and then went to the oral board.  One week later I got a call saying I was in.  Here in Texas, Sam Houston State University runs the best program around (also has one of only a handful of "body farms" in operation as well).  My advice is pick an area of expertise that you want to specialize in like latent prints, firearms examinations (my forte), DNA/Trace and pursue it along with general forensics courses.  A bachelor's degree in natural science with a core study in forensics will help you get into an ASCLD accredited lab and that's where the money is.  Some places like sworn personnel but here in Texas more and more are going straight civilian.  The larger metro areas will be the best place to go, but be forewarned that you will see a LOT of death and destruction.  I am at a point right now where I have seen too many dead folks (unfortunately several children in there too) and am ready to change divisions again.  If you're passionate about it, do it and just remember that your job is to be IMPARTIAL and not to make the evidence fit a crime. Too many innocent people in prison because of shoddy or outright corrupt cops if you as me.  Sorry for the rant, some would say I am jaded :)
  19. Maintenance and repair manager. Mechanic company at Ga Ports Authority. Love my job!
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    Corporate Technical Trainer/Mobile Device Admin/Purchasing Adviser for one of the top 15 MSO's in the nation.  This thread is interesting for sure.  I'm glad someone recently posted and I saw it on the main page. 

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