What's your occupation?

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  1. I'm a 1st class Machinist for Transco Mfg Aust.  We make low volume, high value drilling equipment for the global mining industry.  I run a 16" hollow spindle, 17ft bed CNC lathe.
  2. oldcountrygirl

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    I work for a land management company, we manage timberland.
  3. berninga87

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    CNC programmer/operator, engineer someday soon
  4. You probably use our cutting tools berninga and AussiePete too.
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  5. nepas

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    I'm a retired deeslfitter.

    I was the last guy on the panty assembly line. My job was to put them over my head and say deeslfitter, then send them on the conveyer to the packaging dept.....HAHAHA
  6. berninga87

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    Scott, Which cutting tool manufacturer do you work for?
  7. Iscar
  8. Reitred USAF but had to get a "real" job...been doing IT most of the time - currently software support for a hospice/homehealth product.
  9. Police Officer in Southeast Michigan.
  10. dpeart

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    I'm an electronics/computer geek and for the last 6 years I've been consulting as an electrical engineer for the electronics industry.  Mostly computers, cells phone and video processors.

    I started smoking to get into a hobby that made good food, and didn't have electronics involved.  The first thing I did was buy a BBQ Guru for my $30 ECB, and have recently upgraded by building my own automatic temperature controller to replace the Guru.

    I still make good food, even though I did add electronics to my hobby . . .

  11. I sell underground construction equipment.  Trenchers, directional drills, compact utility equipment and utility locating electronics.  Ditch Witch.
  12. grange

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    I'm an Environmental Biologist.  I work with applicants to identify environmental resources, assess the quality of the resource, then avoid the resource if possible.  If it is not possible to avoid the resource I work with the applicant to mitigate the resources.
  13. yardbird

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    I was laid off from my IT job at the university due to state budget cuts. 18 months from my retirement goal. I did all the configuration/quote/order of everything from laptops and desktops to all of the servers and heavy network equipment.

    Officially, I'm unemployed, but after being off closing in on a year and sending out countless resumes, it appears nobody is hiring old guys. Can't blame 'em when there's such an abundance of younger workers.

    I'm fine with this situation. When unemployment runs out, I will be officially retired instead of officially unemployed. :)

    Best thing we ever did was start seriously putting money away for retirement starting way back when we were much younger. So, financially, we're fine.

    Word of advice to younger folks who are still working. If you haven't started making a big impact on saving for retirement..... start NOW and be ready to not have as much "stuff" as your colleagues, but also be ready to comfortably retire while they're still paying for all their stuff. :)
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  14. I ran an agricultural fertilizer plant for 21 years. Burned out. Been a Realtor for about 5 years. Sales are slow now so I do home improvements in between Listing/Selling.
  15. africanmeat

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  16. bigbaddodge

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    Welder extraordinaire!!
  17. Sheriff Deputy
  18. i own and run a demo and sitework company, my guys make more than me lol,but with the price of fuel ,insurance, and the tickets from the lovely DOT officers,and what i have to do to gets checks from people when we finish a job i have decided to look for a job with a paycheck
  19. nepas

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    Retired USAF DOD

    Sausage makin fool now.
  20. berninga87

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    Can't say I know who they are, but we buy tools from a lot of different suppliers, the majority of the ones we use in the machines I'm in charge of are Sandvik

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