What's your occupation?

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  1. ebshumidors

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    Seems like a lot of ex or current military here (myself included), at least mor than the 6 or 7 % of the population of the country. Also, quite a bit of the mechanical/technical trades. Why do you think that is? This ought to make for some interesting responses.[​IMG]
  2. Asst Chief OXFORD POLICE
  3. chef_boy812

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    I'm a Chef, Chef instructor, and a good husband. The last job is the best one!
  4. jond

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    I trained as an avionics engineer but am now IT Manager - International for a large SAAS vendor
  5. teleburst

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    Waiter in a famous high-end steakhouse. Have been in the restaurant business for 15 years.

    Was an 11B (Combat Infantryman) in the Army in Germany in the 80s. Did 4 years 75 miles from the East German border (if the Soviets had attacked, my projected survival was 48 hours as our job was to basically die in place).

    Also do volunteer radio as a DJ. Have done it for 3 years and did it for 7 years in the 70s.
  6. sea_munky

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    Science teacher, high school, mostly biology...about 5 years.
  7. pops6927

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    Brought up in dad's meat / grocery store that did custom cutting, plus custom and retail brining and smoking; cut meat at local stores and chains, became a deli/bakery spe******t, then meat spe******t, overseeing 30+ stores, total 25+ years in the meat business. Had a back operation, out for 2 1/2 yrs, hired by RadioShack, now in my 15th year there as a Senior Store Manager in Fort Worth, Tx., on Camp Bowie Blvd. Stop in!

    Edited 01/01/12:  Terminated 12/13/11 by RadioShack, on LT Disability from 3+ strokes, filing for SS Disability, now (at least for now) retired.
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  8. smokin365

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    I cooked in a Q joint in high school. The the day after i graduated i got a job hauling asphalt and rock, and decided that i wasnt going to college and stayed driving. Construction slowed down 3 yrs later and i went over the road and have been a profesional tourist ever since [​IMG]
  9. ck311

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    IT service Tech but I have been everything in the the shop from a machinist, machine builder/repair, Automation operator, Plastic injection mold setter, R&D testing tech, quality control tech to European lead test tech. I'm always looking for some thing new. I'm kinda a jack of all trades, anyone got any openings for some one who can do anything lol.
  10. I am an insurance agent... does that mean I have to leave?
  11. starsfaninco

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    nope yer still one or two steps above a lawyer :)
  12. uncle-honky

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    I do concrete curb and gutter construction. almost 20 years started summers with my dad. dad stepped to the side, now I run the show. southern California desert area.
  13. pantherfan83

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    Programmer for a software company that specializes in laboratory management/quality control. I write software that interfaces between various instrumentation in the lab/plant and our software which stores it for historical analysis and real-time monitoring for runs and trends in the data.
  14. motorhedd

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    Well if a pic is a 1000 words here is 4000 words.This is how I support my bad habits
    For the last 10 years...Sulphur,LA


    And since July of this year....GOT MILK?

    This is how I spend my afternoons daydreaming about the thin blue smoke...

    Hopefully this will make you all feel better about how you go to the salt mines!
  15. Hi,

    I'm a high school/community college science teacher. Been teaching for 9 years. I also own some rental property and do remodeling/carpentry/maitenance work.

  16. davidmcg

    davidmcg Meat Mopper

    Retired law enforcement -- Deputy Sheriff. Currently I am a machine operator for a major garage door manufacturer.
  17. two much smoke

    two much smoke Smoke Blower

    I own a company called In Your Face Promotions and we sell promotional products of all types. We sell across North America
  18. Police Lieutenant, worked for the same Department since 1985. New to Smoking but really love it on my days off, wife does to with some of the tips I got from this forum.
  19. walking dude

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    TMS..........which ontario you from?
  20. two much smoke

    two much smoke Smoke Blower

    London Ontario Canada

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