What's with all of the sauce???

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  1. I love smoking bbq and usually no matter what I cook, I'll put a bottle of bbq sauce on the table just in case but nobody ever uses it. Maybe a pulled pork sandwich but ribs? Brisket? Chicken? I was binge watching some bbq pitmasters last night and every single box they put in from of the judges was swimming in sauce. I don't get it, either you can smoke meat and make it moist and tasty without sauce or you can't. Seems like these "pro's" should have to present the meat as is off the grille to be able to judge the actual cook without doctoring it up with sauce. Maybe I'm just weird, who knows?
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    I've never been to a competition, let alone competed in one, so I am just going off of what I have heard/read about them.  But it seems like it is all about trying to set yourself apart.  The big time folk, like on Pitmasters, have their own special homemade sauces I believe that are what they want for their "flavor profile". 

    Again I have never competed, but have heard (so please correct me if I'm wrong here) that there is a difference in competition style BBQ and restaurant/home cooking type of BBQ.  Because you have a bite or two to leave your impression.  Thought I heard once someone (I keep thinking it was Johnny Trigg) said he doesn't make his competition ribs at home.  

    Again that is just what I infer from what I have heard/read.  Got to distinguish yourself from everyone else in one bite or so.
  3. Seems like all the more reason to base the one bite off of the taste of the smoked meat alone.  Maybe they should call the show bbq SAUCE masters?
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  4. I'm a KCBS judge and there is not one entry I have experienced that does not sauce. I would agree with you that I don't believe it is necessary. I have talked with many of the teams after the judging was complete and most of them are under the opinion that the judges want to taste sweet bbq. I prefer mine more savory. The rules don't allow sauce to be served as a side, you either sauce or don't

    Also you are being judged in appearance and the sauce just presents better...anyway that's my 2 cents
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    Personally I'm a big fan of BBQ sauce.

    I don't think it takes away from my BBQ, I think it adds another flavor profile to it.

    I even put it on my veggies! [​IMG]

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    In competition, Sauce makes the meat LOOK juicy, adding shine and an eye appealing red/mahogany color. Ribs and brisket, I like Dry but I will use a variety of sauces on other smoked meats...JJ
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    That is correct. With all the Parkay and Brown sugar, Johnny Trigg's ribs are basically "pork candy". I presume he did that in order to (just as you said) to set himself apart. If the competitors only have one or two bites to impress the judges, it better be memorable (in a positive way)!
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    Along similar lines, I was at a chili cook-off and it was as you say, the samples are intended to be tasted in small amounts rather than full bowls. Some of them were peppery and several were CRAZY salty, enough to pucker your lips. All of the competitors were complaining about the judges being fussy with their particular tastes, sort of like "I have to make it like this because that's what they want it."

    I've been a judge in a hot sauce contest. In the case of a sauce there's no presentation on a plate but there are other criteria.

    Here's a shot of the scorecard.
  9. Parkay doesn't bring to mind anything as delectable or flavorful.

    But I guess it's hydrogenated vegetable oil for the win... Yuck!!! 

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    Parkay IS considered Butter in some parts of the country...[​IMG]  Not in THIS Chef's house! Real Butter in my recipes...JJ
  11. Same as in mine. Real butter or nothing at all. [​IMG]
  12. I have competed in a couple of contests and seen some of the entries of the people next to me. There was a couple that sauced chicken and ribs but did not sauce the pork and brisket entries. Can't remember for sure where they placed but they did pretty well.
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    Trigg was the one that said that - he said he doesn't really like competition ribs.
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    This is exactly what I was thinking!
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    I like sauce on a lot of things. But I want it to compliment the meat ,not over power it.That goes for rubs also.

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