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  1. What is the difference between these two products?


  2. I'm not a professional butcher, but there are a lot of them in the family, so I know a little bit about butchery.
    I would say that the loin for $2.79 is center-cut loin roast, and the other, as it says, is a whole loin.

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  3. Anything labeled a "roast" means it'll be cut down to a manageable size. Usually center-cut, as said, which means you pay more to lose the shoulder and rib ends of the roast (my favorite parts) and the backstrap (which I love for stir fry and Jagerschnitzel).

    If you don't feel like breaking down the whole loin, the roast is a good buy, especially for stuffing or for fast cooking. It's a better overall value to get the whole thing, because you get the same center, plus the shoulder end which makes Country-style spare ribs and stew meat, the rib chops are like a piggy ribeye, and the sirloin is great for hot and fast cooking methods. 
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    Whole boneless loin has the boneless rib end, boneless center cut, and boneless loin end roasts as 1 piece and continuous, usually minus the tenderloin.

    "Boneless Roast" can be any of the three or a combination (rib end including some center cut, or loin end including some center cut).  In other words, a partial whole boneless loin, and you always pay more for part instead of whole.

    These have become more popular as the company has increased tenderloin merchandising; i.e. in-package marination varieties of flavored tenderloins.  So, manufacturers merchandise more heavily of the rest, including boning out the whole loin and selling it as such, whole or half, plus riblets cut off the end before boning, and pork bones, baby backs, smoked neck bones (actually from the loin end, not neck, but most everyone wouldn't know the difference), etc etc.  The more you merchandise the more profit is made.  You can sell off the loin meat boneless at a low price and make a high profit on the parts and pieces, garnering excess overall yield from a whole loin.
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    Wow, what an education   I was going to say   80 cents a pound!
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    Wow  I learned a new thing .thanks
  8. Thank you for the information.

    I think I got ripped off. Last week the store had the pork loin roast on sale for 2.79 also, when I asked how big the roast was they said " As big as you want" and produced a 2.5 ft - 8.5 lb. vac. packed piece of meat. I told them to cut it in half and thought I had 2- 4 lb. roasts. I guess I should have waited and just bought the whole loin and saved $.80 a pound.
  9. Looks to me like there's a difference in the size as well. The whole loin says 8-10 lbs and as you state the roast was up to 8.5 lb or as big as you want.
  10. Yes, it sounds like those meatheads ripped you off!


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