What's the best way to cut the door?

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  1. I am getting ready to cut my door and have looked at a number of builds. Some people use a grinder some a circular saw. I was thinking my plasma cutter but wondering if that might warp the door?

    Thoughts welcome
  2. I have not had any problems with using a plasma , but drill holes at the corners to give you a nice clean start. I also tack weld a piece of angle onto the tank for a guide.

    The door is probably the most critical area as far as workmanship is concerned, so don't rush it. Most people use a cut off wheel because it's easier to control and get a nice clean edge and it's worth the extra time it takes.
  3. Obviously, I know very little about cutting steel. You say one can use a circular saw? What kind of blade? And a cutoff wheel is mentioned - do you mean a cutoff wheel that one might put on an angle grinder? Or can you put some sort of cutoff wheel on a circular saw? Thanks!
  4. I've used both the metal blades and abrasive blades on a circular saw, and don't recommend either unless that's the only tool you have.

    Cut off wheels work well. And the thinner, the better. I use a air powered die grinder , but it's rated at one hp, and will cost you about a grand, the cheap ones will work but will bog down and be slower, and then again you will need an air compressor that will keep up with it.

    Your best bet it to get a good angle grinder, 8 amp or better. 100 bucks will get you a decent one. Then you can run a 5" or even 6" cut off wheel all day long.

    Just be carefully, the thin ones cut fast, but if you get them in a bind, they can shatter and fly at you. Always inspect the wheel for fractures before using. They can get a bend in them just from setting them down wrong. Wear eye protection and gloves, long sleeve shirt. Face shield if you have it. And don't ever work in shorts or open shoes!
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    [​IMG] Best part about angle grinder is lack of heat keeps warp down. Don't try to cut through on first pass. Etch on the first pass all the way around then go a little deeper on each consecutive pass. Leave couple inches from corners on top and bottom uncut until door hinges are mounted. I also did not cut all the way through the sides full top to bottom until hinges are on. helps holds tank and door in original shape.
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    Ill be trying the angle grinder myself...
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    I have both, plan on trying both as well....saw is an older sears so if I burn it out no biggy....7" cut off wheels fit a saw nice....
  8. Are you putting a cutoff wheel designed for an angle grinder in a circular saw? Or is there a cutoff wheel designed specifically for a circular saw?
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    it is a 7" cut off wheel, circular saw is 7 1/4"....I think it is made for the bigger angle grinder that uses those 7" wheels....

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