What year fridge is this??

Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by mattr, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. mattr

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    The fridge is a General Electric Type B6-40-B according to the label in the back. I tried a google search and found nothing. Anybody have any idea or at least close to what year it was made?

    I also have a Crosley shelvador but no pic right now of that one.


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  2. mattr

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    A pic of the inside too.

  3. mattr

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    I might as well ask since it is about this fridge.. How do I get the door hinge off?

  4. rabbithutch

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    Don't have an answer for you, Matt; but it looks to be a post-war (WWII) model probably not much after 1950. Yes, I'm old enough to remember those old products. My parents had an old Norge round top that was purchased just after the war that was still running in 1965 when it was finally given away.
  5. mattr

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    Thanks RabbitHutch.. Well at least age is part of a guesstimate. When doing my google search for this fridge, I came across this youtube video and in the comments, the age ranged quite a bit, even back to the 30's...  That is why I was curious about it, not that I would be calling GE for some replacement parts....lol.
  6. That's an old one. I have a 38 GM frigidaire which is my best assumption. your looks near the same. they are old monitor top parts ( the compressors that set above the box ) re-purposed for sale around the depression. Some released were built years before sold as lower line models. To some tho it was new, in the poor areas showed a stature of wealth. They were not stylish units, but very reliable as most ran for decades some still do. My point is that from 28 thru 40 its hard to determine an age on that unit itself.
  7. madman mike

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    you should be able to pop the cover off the hinge on the frame. there will be a couple of screws attaching it to the frame.

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