What type of tree is this?

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  1. These are pictures of a leaf off a tree that has some little red berries on it there is a dead one beside it that has dried up berries that look the same. I can have the dead tree but don't want to take it and have it be no good for smoking. But if it was a wild cherry I have heard it would be good. It is 25 + - feet tall. That seemed tall. Are there any good places to get info to I'd trees. I have the snap leaf I'd app and it is so so. Thank you for your help
  2.   Try the internet. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Google wild cherry.

  3. Go to the Arbor Day Foundation. They have a tree ID app there.
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    Little red berries will not be a cherry tree.   I'm guessing Possumhaw, but post some pics of the berries and bark of the tree and we will get it figured out

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    Looks like a leaf from a cherry tree, little red fruit sounds like a pin cherry. Can't say for certain. A picture of the bark will be very helpful.
  6. There wasn't cluster of berrys like this. Just one on a stem but small about as big as a pencil eraser. At daughter volleyball game watching other teams. Will try to get photo of tree and bark in the next few days.
  7. Thanks I will try that. We have farm ground and can cut some as long as I know I am getting good for smoking wood.. I know hickory and the other main ones. I want to start a log of ones to watch for years to come.
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    Fruit the size of a pencil eraser fairly well describes pin cherry, I am 90% sure that pin cherry is what you have, the picture of the bark will seal the deal one way or the other.

    Pin cherry can be used for BBQ, I have used it before on chicken and sausage.

  9. This is a photo of the trunk and the tree. They didn't send a photo of the berry
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    What you have is a cherry tree IMHO, but not a pin cherry. My best guess is that is some sort of ornamental cherry. In any event you should be able to use it for BBQ.
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