What type of charcoal should I use? HELP a new guy out.

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  1. I am currently using a brinkmann smoke n grill upright waterpan smoker. What type of fuel should i use? Charcoal briquettes or hardwood lump charcoal? What are the main difference between the two of them? I am very new to smoking and i just want to try to avoid making mistakes. I am currently using briquettes. I didnt even know there was different types of charcoal until just a couples weeks ago. Please help me with whatever advice you have to offer.
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    I'm still being bottle feed but from what I read and hear briquettes r full of nasties where lump charcoal is all natural clean burning burns a little hotter and faster. I use royal oak lump charcoal. Hope this helps. I have a Wsm 22.5
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    I've used KBB for years & still tickin.... I also drink a few beers ! No matter what ya do these days, it seems it isn't right.... Everything's bad for ya ! LOL.
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    The better brands of briquettes have less nastiness on startup. Some people light them in a separate fire then re-stoke the smoker with already-lit coals. Still, lump is a cleaner burn.

    Briquettes offer uniform size. Lump can have random sizes and that can make it difficult to load well.
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    KBB is half off this week..... lowe's & HD

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