What to use for door gasket?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by harvest122, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. I have a smokehouse style smoker I built and have been having troubles with the gasket I used.  I am wondering what would work the best, I would prefer something a little wider than a rope gasket.  Would kaowool stripping work or is that real fluffy and would compress to nothing? Any ideas are greatly appreciated.  
  2. daveomak

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    Brass weather stripping works good....  If you have a wood surface to nail it to....   It can be bent to fill bigger gaps also....

  3. I read on here some time back where the person used High Temp silicone. He described that he put a bead of it where he wanted his gasket to be, then laid household waxed paper over the silicone and closed the door. The next day he opened the door, removed the waxed paper and had his gasket, made to order.

    I have never tried it, BUT, I just bought a tube of high temp silicone today and I will be giving it a try in the next few days on a fire box I am building.

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    Rich, evening.... I've never used wax paper but I have used saran wrap type stuff and I know that works...  Made gaskets for all kinds of stuff using that method....    Be sure you get it thick enough the first go round.... silicone will not stick to silicone if you need it thicker.....  How do I know ???  You can figure it out....     

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    I've used Pam spray on mine.
    I degreased the area for the silicone to stick. Sprayed where it would meet.
    Closed the lid and cured overnight.

    I put enough on so it would ooze slightly. You can trim when completely cured

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