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  1. What To Do With Left over Pulled Pork and Brisket

    Normally we never have this problem, but on occasion we do.

    Pulled pork and brisket freeze well and never stays in our freezer for very long.

    When you smoke a pork butt or brisket the smoke penetration only goes into the meat a little, so most of your flavor is in the bark and the first bit of meat. If you try a piece in the middle you just won’t get that smoky flavor


    Here is what I do, my wife, kids and grand kids love it.

    A couple of days before you fire up your smoker pull out you frozen pulled pork or brisket and let it thaw in the fridge.

    The day you are ready to smoke put your pulled pork in an aluminum pan and spread loosely. For Brisket slice it up or chop it (which ever you prefer) arrange slices in aluminum pan where they are not packed tight, chopped brisket the same as the pork.

    I sprinkle on a little water for moisture, then on the smoker for an hour or two or longer depending on how much smoke you like.

    Something magical happens, the smoke permeates the meat and you have all that super goodness in every bite.

    We have done pork butts in the slow cooker for Tamales and enchiladas and put the rest on the smoker for pulled pork. If you have not ever done this give it a try, you will be surprised.

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    Yup - I get the same basic results from vacuum sealing the left overs and then heating them in the vac bag in a pot of not quite simmering water. Comes out super moist and the smoke flavor is awesome!
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    Thanks for the tip !
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  5. Last summer I smoked two butts for my wife and her friend to make tamales. I don't remember how many they ended up with be we had a bunch of tamales.

  6. Hardest part to follow that recipe, dedicating the extra meat to freeze. It usually disappears pretty quick. Sounds like some tasty advice. Will have to try this one. Nice tip Gary!!!
  7. I know its hard, but somebody's got to do it. The quicker you get it done the less painful it will be. But look at the rewards down the road.

  8. So True!!! Thumbs Up

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