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Discussion in 'Pork' started by spud27, May 29, 2010.

  1. spud27

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    Hi everyone, 

       I'm new to this site, but been reading for a few weeks.  First time to post anything. 

    I have 2 pork butt rubbed down and in the fridge right now.  I told my sister dinner time will be Sunday at 6.  Both pork butts weigh around 7 pounds each.  I know it's about 1 1 1/2 to 2 hours per pound.  Whith two butts weighing about 7 pounds each, what time should I start tonight or Sunday morning.  To have dinner on the table at six.  

    I will be using a propane Masterbuilt smoker and plan on keeping it between 220 and 240. 

    It's only going to be 5 of for dinner, so I know I will have plenty left.  That's good because my plan is to freeze some for camping trips coming up, like next weekend. 

    And I'm new to smoking.  I've done three different smokes the past three weekends: 

    1st - Beer Butt Chicken - To much flare up and white smoke, didn't know what I was doing.  After reading this site I know now that white smoke is bad smoke and flare ups are not good.  So, I've changed a few things.  I know have a cast iron skillet for the wood chips, which took care of the flare ups and white smoke.

    2nd - Ribs - They were really good.  I went out and got an internal thermoter for the smoker and meat.  My stock theremoter and my new theremoter was about 40 degrees difference. I thought the smoker was running a little hot than what the stock theremoter said.

    3rd - Trout - I had 2 20 inch trout.  After all of my adjustment, I was getting the thin white blue smoke during the entire process and I was able to get a good reading on my temp.  The trout was pretty good.

    Thanks, sorry this was so long.  
  2. rbranstner

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    You are probably looking at around 10.5 hours for your butts but I always give mine extra time so I would figure at least 12 hours or a little more. The best thing that can happen is to be done around 1.5 hours before you want to eat and you can foil it (if not already foiled) and throw it in the cooler to rest with towels. This will do two things. Make it much more juicy and keep your food warm until you are read to eat. I normally figure 1.75 or 2 hours per lb to error on the safe side and know that you meat will be done when guests are coming over. If I am just smoking for fun and not serving it that night then I figure the 1.5 hours per lb and if it goes longer oh well I guess I will just have a few extra beers. But there is nothing worse than having hungry guests sitting around wondering when is the food going to be done or saying its done just take it off. The truth is its done when the thermometer says so. Always go by temp not by time. Good luck and make sure you give yourself extra time. I always like to let mine sit in the cooler for an hour or so as well.
  3. spud27

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    rbranstner thanks.  I was thinking 12 hours.  Looks like I'm going to get them in the smoker at 4:00 am and if they are done a couple of hours early I will just wrap them and put them in th cooler.  Do you think 4:00 is to early, that's 14 hours before dinner time?
  4. mballi3011

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    Yepper you are looking at about a 11-12 hour smoke and then you can maybe add alittle to that for maybe a longer stall then normal but you will never know. I have been smoking for many a year and I have had one butt stall and the other not. Now go figure so if I were you I would get up earily and put on some coffee. Then you can start everything and then come in here and see and read alot of post. Then specially this weekend you should be able to caught some other folks in chat to. Then you can help keep each other awake to. So good luck and don't forget the Qview. 
  5. spud27

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    2 hours into this.  Started at 4:15 am this morning.  The internal meat temp on one is at 110 and the other around 117.  Been smoking between 230 and 250.  Does this sound about right?  First time doing pulled pork so I want to make sure all is going as plan.  Both butts are about 7 pounds.

    I'm going to start spraying with Apple juice, Apple cider vinegar and Capt. morgan. 

    Thanks all for the advice.  I will post pictures later.
  6. spud27

    spud27 Newbie

    1st Butt reached 200 and it's in the cooler.   2nd is about an hour or 2 behind.  But, it looks like all will be done for dinner at 6:00.  2nd hit a plateau at around 155. 

    Thanks for everyone and their great advice from this forum.   Should be a great dinner tonight. 
  7. spud27

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    As promise some QVIEW on my first ever butts.  I had about 10 people over for dinner today and they loved the pulled port.  Here's a couple of picctures.


    Butt #1 took 10 hrs.  Sat in cooler for 2 hrs.  Being pulled....


    But #2 took about 12 hours.  Stalled for a little while around the 150 mark. Being pulled....


    Let me know what you all think.  I think for the first time i did a pretty good job. 

    Here's the kicker.... My mom like it so much she wants me to do pulled pork for a family reuninon in August.  Does anyone know how many butts I need to feed about 70 people? 


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