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  1. What temp do you run in the last hour on 3 2 1 method I'm using WSM

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    I'm not using a WSM, but I keep the temp constant throughout the cook.
  3. I maintain 225-230 for ribs in my WSM.
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    321 is a general guideline for smoking spareribs at 225ish degrees.  At higher temps, each time segment should be shorter.
  5. Do you use the water pan to control the temp?
  6. Nah. Never have.

    ...it's only to catch the drippings in my WSM.

    Exhaust vent 100% open and a single lower vent 25-40% open to maintain 225-230.
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  7. Cheers for that must be a small fire?
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  8. I start with 25-30 briquets I light in a chimney. Then I place them over approximately 75% full ring of unlit briquets or lump, whichever you prefer, with all the vents open. Once it it hits 185-190, I close two vents completely and close down the third to 20-25% to slow the heat buildup. At this point, it will slow the heat build up and I let it settle at 225 for 10-15 minutes before adding the meat.

    Are you using the thermometer in the lid? It is not very accurate out of the box. If you are, test it in boiling water and again in ice water to get an idea of how far off it is measuring the temperature. 
  9. Thanks for that. yea I added a temperature gauge to the lid when I got it as this model didn't come with one I've had this WSM around 15 years

    I am looking at bringing a Maverick ET-733 from the US as we cant get them here.
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    What size WSM?  I put that much into my 22.5"  and I'm at dang near 350.  Top vent 100%, all bottom vents closed.  Auber fan and PID.

    But it is new, and shiny(ish) still.
  11. I have the thermometer you mentioned.

    Have you tried contacting Todd at A-MAZE-N? I know he carries them on his site, just don't know if he ships overseas. Worth a try.
    18.5" and only a couple of months old.

    Before I lit anything in it, I installed a gasket kit around the lid and front door. The gasket kit created a good seal to limit the air intake to the lower vents only. After the gasket install, I ran a couple of seasoning runs with several lbs of beef brisket fat before the first actual smoke. The seasoning runs added to the seal and lets me easily maintain temperatures in the 180+ range.
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