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    I have a Noregian friend that has just given me 20 kilo's of sausage to smoke.  It is in two different mixtures and cased in natural casing.  One mixture is pork, bacon, fat, spices, the othere has cheese and some veggies added.  No presertives.  He said he wanted to do them at 60deg f but he didn't know how long.  So I mentioned to him that the problems with smoking at that temp for long times invites possible problems.  I told him that I would smoke it between 80 - 100 degrees for about 3 hours over apple chips.  Then I would pull it off and rebag and deliver to him.

    Anybody got any comments?  I had though about taking one of his packs and smoke/cook it to about 160 and see if that is wht he wants.  Just don't know.

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    Without any cure in the sausage you really souldn't cold smoke it. I think you really need to hot smoke fresh sausage until fully cooked and then freeze for later use. I wish I had some better advise for ya Charlee.
  3. Chalee, are you sure your friend was not thinking Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.  I am horrible at conversions but I am not sure what that would convert too but it might be closer to a temp that we are use to using!  Just a thought my friend!  I do agree with DanMcG, I sure would not try to cold smoke them without any cure you are just asking for trouble and possibly poisoning someone but then that awful word that is bounced around way to much these days....lawsuit!!!  Just be careful my friend, do it right or don't do it!  I have been smoking about 7 years now and that's the best advise I can give you my friend.

    Your Friend,


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    Just called him and expressed my concerns and he said the temp was celsius.  Now I'm breathing easier, I think I'll take it up to 150 or so, maybe the cheese wan't melt out. 

    Thanks for the replys, qview to follow.

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    Well that's sort of good news on the  Celsius, but 60c converts to 140f which means it will be in the danger zone (40°-140°) forever. I know people do things differently everywhere in the world  and maybe your friend knows what he's doing, but I wouldn't be comfortable smoking it.

    I reread your post Chalee, Is he looking for a finish internal temp of 60c or a smoker temp  of 60C?
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    Well been busy, but here are the pic's.  I smoked over apple at 200 - 220 for about 5 hours till the links were at 160. 








    They turned out great and the guy was happy with them.  First time I had use this smoker and found out that it had some hot spots.

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    Looks great!

    How did the veggie ones taste??

       Have a great day!!

  8. Chalee, now those look great my friend!  What made me think about it being in C instead of F, I have a friend who is from Great Britain and he now lives in the US but still does everything in Celsius, and he has been here for about 10 years.  He has a Celsius thermometer on his back porch and often tells me how cold it was this morning on his back porch, took me a while to figure out he was not drunk or crazy but I finally got use to it.  When people have used that all their life and then come here where we do everything in Fahrenheit it screws with their mind a bit!  Glad you got that lined out, the sausage looks terrific, did you get his recipe?  Did you convert it from Celsius to Fahrenheit?  Can you share it, it looks very good!    Way to go Chalee!

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    Nice job Chalee! Is your smoker a converted proofer?
  10. cheapchalee

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    Nope he didn't want to share it, but I think I found me a place to make them anyway I want them to. 


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    I make my own andoulle sausage (about 40 lbs per week) Day 1 . mix the meat and fill the casings ..  twist them, tie them or whatever .. I place mine in a fridge overnight uncovered to dry out the casing (the smoke adhears to a dry product better than something that is damp or wet) I don't use nitrates at all in any of my products.. I'll smoke them in 2 steps .. 1st the cold smoke .. 100 deg for 2 hours (you'll get a nice redish tint to them) after that I'll crank the temp up to 175  deg and cook them this also takes a few hour Until you test one and the internal temp is 160 deg. I use the 2nd smoke for a deeper smoke flavor and for a deeper color ... I don't want to tep on anyones toes here ... this works for me and have been doing it this way for years .. and I sell out of them every week ..

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    I just found this post, and agreed with Dan & others about cold versus hot smoking without cure.

    You did them perfectly!

    Nice Qview too!!!!


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    Good job !
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    Nice Job Chalee
  16. I always go by Rytek kutas book. Great sausage recipes and meat curing.

    click above link Smokers and more to find. He says and i quote (IF IT CANT BE CURED DON'T SMOKE IT) Of course i am talking about lower then 175*

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    Great job man. Those sausages came out looking real good
  18. They look great. Glad you got the temp thing sorted out.
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    Just so people know, it is also possible to cure fresh sausage that has already been stuffed without cure, but it doesn't change any of the facts already covered in this thread.

    Changing Fresh stuffed sausage into cured sausage, allows you to smoke it low & slow, and you end up with the "Smoked Sausage" taste, and color.

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    how so......i would be interested in this method, thx.

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